3 Reasons to Self-Publish Your Books

They say that even the greatest ideas are such a waste if you do not share them with others. Same with writing. Unless you publish it, no one’s ever going to know about it.

You may have a story or two that you want to publish. Maybe you have a message that you want to share with a world and you’ve completed a book about it. How can you get your story or message into the hands of readers?

In the olden days, aspiring authors who were rejected by publishers had no other option but to sell their books in the garage or peddle them on the streets or to their friends. Nowadays, it’s very easy to self-publish your finished manuscripts.

In many ways, self-publishing is better than traditional marketing:

  1. You can have total control over your work. Let your ideas and creativity come to life! You get to write whatever you want, when you feel like it. Isn’t that what most writers want? No deadlines.

Everything in and about your book will be according to your preference, from picking the cover design down to the selection of fonts. You keep all rights to your work, and eliminate the complexities that comes with negotiation of contracts. You control how many copies you want to be printed out and generally, you have a say on the future of your book.

But remember, do not keep yourself as the center of attention in all your books. If you want to attract readers, you have to keep them entertained but at the same time, provide value or they will just lose interest. Who wants to read about tales of a narcissist, right?

  1. You can publish at your convenience. The traditional publishing process takes a lot of time and patience. Publishing houses have gatekeepers and you will need a literary agent to get through publishers. The documents that you submit will be read by an editor, who decides whether your manuscript conforms to their standards or it gets rejected. It will take months before you will be able to sign a contract with them, and several more months for you to do revisions. After your manuscript is complete, the wait is nothing but agonizing.

Wasted time means wasted money for most. With self-publishing, you save yourself from waiting for the manuscript that is taking you forever to get. You publish your work as soon as you want to.

  1. Bigger Profits. You get a decent royalty by self-publishing your work.  Traditional publishers keep 75% of what is left, and the agent takes his commission, leaving you with a little pittance for the manuscript you worked so hard for. Don’t you find this deal frustrating? Not only that, you can’t sell it elsewhere since you’ll be exclusively tied to your publishing house. If you happened to choose a bad publisher, you can’t do anything to your book while you’re under contract.

But if you publish your eBooks at $8.99 for example, imagine how much will you earn, considering the 30% charge from the online shopping site? You will earn $6.00 without having a publisher or agent to share it with.

Of course, self-publishing has its disadvantages. But to newbie authors like most of us, the freedom is worth the risk.

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