An Overview To The Concept Of Email Marketing


Email Marketing is the methodology to directly market commercial messages to groups of people through email. In broader perspective, each and every email exchanged between the marketer and the existing as well as the potential customers can be considered to be a marketing email. Usually the marketing email involves advertisements, business proposals & request or solicit donations or sales. The purpose is to build trust, loyalty and brand awareness.

Email marketing measures are endeavored with the objectives to sell lists or the database of existing customers. In the wider perspectives, the term is employed to the scopes of email messages that aim to consolidate the relationship between the organization and the customers. It promotes loyalty of the customers and fetches repeat sales as well as it comes effective to acquire new customers. Marketing email also serves the purpose of convincing the prospective buyers to buy the products or the services immediately.

Categories of marketing email

Email marketing gets carried through the application of various forms of emails.

A.) Transaction email

Transaction emails get triggered according to the actions that the customers undertake. To be considered as relationship or transactional messages, email should carry the primary objective needs to aim toward the facilitation and confirmation on commercial transactions that the sender and the recipient of the email had mutually agreed upon previously. Within the scope of Email marketing, transactional emails would include emails to reset the password, order status confirmation, order confirmation, email receipts and records.

B.) Direct Email

Direct email happens to be the second category of emails used for email marketing. Direct Emails involves the triggering of emails with the sole objective to communicate promotional messages. Usually, the sender collects a list containing the email addresses from the service companies. Alternatively, safe mails are also used in the marketing methodologies.

Discussion on the various inevitable components related to the concept of email marketing

Coming at this length of the article, it becomes necessary to discuss the various aspects related to email marketing.

The venture of Email marketing starts with list building efforts that involves the collection of the database of the emails to which the emails would be triggered. This demands the process would require a platform that would facilitate the process to shoot the emails.


List Building and the concept of Sales funnel 

Once the initial purpose of list building is done, comes the execution phase. The question that revolves in the mind of the marketers is “how to get traffic to my website”. The answer to this question can come up referring to the sales funnel. In simple words, the sales funnel, alternatively known as the sales process, is the methodology that the marketers desires the prospects to got through, till the prospects gets converted to real-time sales. To the top-end of the funnel, would lay the prospects and to the end at the bottom represents the actual buyers. The sales process triggers the need of the marketers to have landing pages, having high-conversion capacities. It is because, once the traffic gets directed to the web pages through the links, those traffic needs to be given a presentation on the product and/or services waiting for the prospects, the details and the USPS of the product and/or service and the pricing.

Email marketing platform

Getting back to the question of the marketers as how they can generate the traffic to their web pages, the second question that comes up in turn is the available methodologies and techniques to scale up the visit of the traffic. The success of the Email marketing campaigns depends a lot on the affectivity of the marketing platform. The email marketing platforms not only enable the marketers to send marketing emails to the prospects but at the same time the marketers are enabled to follow-up on the sales prospects.

Solo Ads

Email marketing endeavors depends a lot on the hand holding of the Solo Ads. Solo Ads are Joint venture between two marketers wherein they mutually agree upon to send promotional emails to its respective subscribers, representing the other party. The solo ads had proved its worth to support list building at first pace. On the other hand, the marketers can reach out to the widest section of the prospects in the most cost-effective ways.

The concept of Auto Responders and the purpose it serves

The email marketing campaign can be given a good impetus through the application of auto responders that are mechanisms that automatically replies to the emails received. The best auto responder enables the marketers to pass on more information to the prospects that can make his brands more convincing to the prospects.

Various perspectives that the marketing emails serves for the email marketers

  • Emails to build the relationship with prospective buyers or to consolidate the relationship with the existing customers so that the goodwill improves. This is a category that is given a significant importance in the perspective of email marketing
  • Emails to invite the traffic to join the pages of the marketer over the social media platform to generate more fans and followers
  • Email marketing campaigns to the online traffic to read the blogs of the marketers. These emails are triggered to get more of traffic to the blog posts.
  • Email marketing efforts to intimate the prospective or the existing customer on the launching of new products and/or the services. These emails facilitate higher volume of sales.
  • Email marketing invitation to watch the videos that generate more of subscribers to the video posts.
  • Email that recommends the purchase of a product and/or service to boost the sales figure.
  • Emails inviting the traffic to comment on the posting made o social media platforms. These emails create more engaged customers.
  • Emails requesting to collect new books. These endeavors promote development of credibility instantly.
  • Email marketing activities that requests the traffic to subscribe to the post cast that promotes downloads at higher rates.
  • Email marketing campaigns that invites the traffic to join new programs with the objectives to drive more sales.


Email marketing methodologies had proved to be highly effective and robust to promote the business endeavors online. Marketing email takes the business house and its products and services over the widest stretch of the prospects in cost-effective ways that pushes the business towards new level of success.