Analysis of competition

Since the analysis is a stepwise process therefore the things that stand first are:

  • Resources analysis
  • Time analysis

For reaching the top these analyses are of prime importance since they determine positioning for required keyword.

What we do is that we search for the leading three websites for the keyword of your requirement and check if it profitable for you to go for that particular keyword.

Despite a number of Google rank deciding factors, but mostly do not rank the sight rather aids or improves the layout of the site.

On focus is going to be on the 7 most prominent ones which are the deal-makers wherever SEO is concerned.

  1. Age of the domain

According to many observations, the older the domain is, the better it is going to rank. However, usually older domain is confused with older page content. It goes opposite in the case of later. The newer the page content is, higher will be the ranking.

  1. Authority of the page

If certain authority sites, due to their humongous nature, have been ranked better then page authority plays a better role than domain’s one.

Since the competition will be with particular page rather than the site, therefore it is advisable to check the authority of page before giving up the keyword.

Page authority can be checked via certain tools including OpenSiteExplorer tool. If the tool shows below 45, then consider it a go to sign!

  1. Content pages with indexes

This becomes a headache when a whole site is focused towards the keyword of your choice otherwise it is not considered in the judgment of ranking.

Content with greater number of pages is a bad indication for us to work on since the targeted word would have become relevant to the site which has been using it for long and in extreme abundance.

Adding content is not an issue these days. However, adding valued content is highly reward by google and aid in the page ranking.

  1. Inbound network links

The most searched are the number of incoming link since they are of prime importance wherever SEO is concerned.

However, grave changes have been coming along therefore quality is more important as compared to the quantity.

It is extremely easy to outrank the old sites with the new domain names with a number of relative links from authority sites.

  1. Root domains for linking

Getting ridiculous number of links from only one domain does not sound natural. This can also be considered as a linking scheme.

If you’re in competition with a site and apparently they are getting a lot of links from a handsome number of sites then that is a good news!

It is important to have a number of websites linking to yours. However, the focus should also be drawn towards getting linked with various platforms like weekly, WordPress, Pligg, Forum boards, wikis etc.

  1. Link type with dominancy

This is important and needs attention IMMEDIATELY.

Back in time it did not matter that what links are being associated to you as long as there are enough of them.

However, this is not the case now. The important thing is to get the right kind of links. In case your competitors have links from pages relevant with the keywords on an authority site then you are going to face a tough fight ahead.

In case the competitor’s link are that of random and vague pages, web 2.0 with blog comments and spun content, then you are good to go.

Now it can be easily evaluated and decided, on the basis of difficulty level, that which keyword should be targeted as competition and see if you can actually move ahead.


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