Auto Prospecting System review

Auto Prospecting System Review – Does Lee’s product delivers what it claims?

You could be sending 100 emails to your friends and relatives daily, who would definitely not mind if some mistakes persist there. To them it is the warmth of the heart and the pleasure of getting an email from an endeared person that matters. But when your email is sent for business or professional purposes, things turn really critical. Lots of consideration would be made on the content, language, the style, design and the factors whatsoever before the recipients turns their focus to the message of your email.

Things turn most critical with the email while you are an email marketer. It seems your recipients would not have the slightest margin of lenience for your mistakes there. On that there are the spam filters that would even check your emails to reach the inbox of the people whom you would send it. This is where the email marketers feel the necessity of a quality emailing system that would not enable them to shoot picture-perfect email but would ensure that their email hits the inbox of the recipients. This article of Auto Prospecting System review would try to figure out the real story lying behind the package.

About the concept

A review can never be made until a short discussion is made over the concept. The Auto Prospecting System review would try to unveil the concept first.

The system of auto prospecting can be considered to be the compilation of the experience of a seasoned email marketing professional, Lee, in terms of the tricks and techniques that he is using to generate the highest rate of sales from email campaigns, month after month. Auto Prospecting System review would take things in the way that as it comes from an experienced campaigner, who had seen the high-and-low of the ball game, the contents would definitely be realistic and practical. In short, Lee, through this package would share with the buyers his “trade secret” to generate 60% conversions from his cold email campaigns.

Inside the package

Next, the auto prospecting system review would focus upon the contents in the package. Inside the package you get :

  • Free leads

The working of the emailing system is not limited to the scope of gathering the email addresses only. Lee’s product would guide the marketers as how to gather the information that would enable them to send hundreds emails a day. This is really a worth of a point to be given a special mention in the auto prospecting system review.

  • Subject lines

The email from an email marketer has to show its class from the subject line itself. In the system of Auto prospecting, Lee would share the subject lines that he had been using in his case. The auto prospecting system review would definitely rate this feature highly as these subject lines had enabled Lee to get high sales figure consistently.

  • Email that holds proven track record in generating more than 60% conversion

Lee shares the exactly same emails that he uses in his case. The affectivity  of these emails had already been proved as it had given Lee conversion rate as high as 60%. The system would definitely get appreciation in auto prospecting system review.

  • Complying with ethics and legal perspectives while emailing to the prospects

It is not solicited that the emails violate the act of “can-spam”. In case it does, the emails land in the spam folder and eventually the recipients misses the email. The higher are such misses, the chances for sales drops accordingly. The auto prospecting review finds this point really crucial because higher is the rate of open for the emails, the marketers stands higher chances for getting a sale.

  • Top marketing strategies

The best part that the auto prospecting system review would try to point out is that the marketers get to know the tricks and strategies by which Lee is making such higher rate of sales every month. These are not theories but most practical techniques that had already proved its worth.

  • Tips to ensure that the cold emails hit the inbox of the recipients

It is critically important for the email marketers that the email hits the inbox of the recipients. The auto prospecting system review feels that it is really the worthiness of the system that it fetches the same tricks and tips that Lee is himself using to inbox his emails.

  • Tips and suggestion to earn in 7-digit figures

Bonuses in the package

Lee’s package would definitely get high ratings in auto prospecting system review as it offers the following bonuses:

  • Live Questions & Answers webnair- absolutely free

Lee would be available for live session to answer the questions from the buyers. He would also be sharing his experience. The usual pricing for these services elsewhere would not come lesser than $997.


  • Email support-Free for lifetime

Lee would also be providing email support free for lifetime. Especially, when it is usual that the users might face some difficulties in using the system, Lee would be available just at a distance of an email. This is really worth of a point to state in the auto prospecting system review

  • Video Training –Free

Last but not the least, Lee would get you a video training module, absolutely free of cost. This module would have live demonstration as how some of the best email marketers works.

The best part in the system is that Lee guarantees 100% money refund at any given point of time in case the buyers are not finding the system good enough. This clause is applicable not for few days, months of year but for lifetime. Thus, it is obvious that the auto prospecting system review would rate the system with a perefect-10 score.



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