Auto Responder- The tool to make the email campaigns more targeted and performing

Against the backdrop of time wherein the internet technology covers up a major portion of our day to day life, Auto responder is a topic which is given much discussion. Auto Responder happens to be a computer program that is capacitated to produce answer to the inbound emails, automatically. The usage of this program automates the campaign of email marketing that frees up the time for the marketer while it keeps the readers engaged.

Why do the email marketers need the Auto Responder?

The answer would be very straight forward. Email marketers need the auto responder program to streamline the process, to make the marketing campaigns better functional and to save the time. This program can be a wonderful tool for the email marketers for turning the loyal subscribers to an actual buyer who would be ready to pay for the marketer’s product and/or service.

A program that can maximize the email campaigns yet saves time for the marketer

As an email marketer, you need to stay connected to your prospective and existing customers closely through the emails. Now it would certainly not be possible just devote the entre stretch of 24 hours for triggering emails to the customers, neither would you get the time to answer the questions that the customers can mail you at any given point of time. However, there can be some email that requires immediate reply. In these junctions, auto responder can cater exceptional services on your behalf. Further, using the auto responder, marketers can schedule up their emails to be triggered to the customers on automated basis. What it requires of the marketer is simply set a sequence and schedule and then the auto responder of its own would keep on sending email as per the set schedule. Thus, the auto responder enable the marketers to maximize the campaign, streamline the process and make it better functional yet save time.

First impression is the lasting impression

If you have to impress someone, you have to do it in the first impression. Through out the stages as described in the sales funnel, an email marketer needs to drop innumerable emails of which a good count is for replying to the emails that comes up form the customers. On the other hand, a good number of times, the marketers require sending sales follow up email to retain the interest of the prospects on the marketer and his product or services. Auto responder have role to play in these regards too. Marketers can set up sequences and auto reply to their emails that can reply to the inbound mails upfront thereby creating an impression of exceptional customer orientations. On the other hand, so far the purpose of sending follow up emails are concerned, the auto responder can be scheduled to send similar emails at the perfect time that gives an impression to the customers that the marketer is valuing the relationship and the obvious outcome is that the relationship between the buyer and the seller takes up a shape of trust and reliance.

Email marketers get the perfect email to impress the customers

The email form a professional marketer inevitably needs to be professional, well structured, properly formatted and well designed. However, structuring such perfect email every time may not be possible for the marketers, as he is requiring triggering thousands of emails daily. The auto responder can offer substantial assistance in these regards too. The auto responder carries templates that contents the perfectly structured email body and gallery that contents various images. The marketers simply need to do the minimal customization to make the email unique and then he can set a sequence for email triggering.

Auto responders can boost the open rate

The objective of any email marketer is to make the recipients of the email to open it. Now, if the open rate is to be maximized, it is inevitable that the maximum count of the emails, ideally at 100% rate, should hit the inbox of the recipients. As per email mechanisms, the inbound email has to pass the spam filters to hit the inbox. Here, the subject line of the email plays the main role for making the email to pass through the spam filter. The templates set with the auto responder carries the perfect subject line and the appropriately structured email body that can pass through the spam filter easily.

Improvement in the click rate

It is the desire of each and every marketer that the campaigns that are sent out get clicked for the maximum time and it fetched the highest traffic to the site. Improvement on the click rate is dependent on the factor that whether if the recipients are opening the email or not. As, auto responder enables the email to pass through the spam filter and the open rates improve, it is an obvious outcome that the click rate has to improve in turn.

Reduction in the bounce rate

Though the initial interest of the marketers is to maximize the traffic on the website, eventually, it is needed that those visitors navigate through the different pages of the website. It is because; longer is the span of the stay on the sites, the interest levels grow in proportion. However, often it get to see that a portion of the traffic comes to the site and moves out of the it just after reading the first or the second page. This is called the bounce rate and higher it is, higher would be the extent of prospect lost for the marketer. To retain the traffic on the website and compel them to navigate through the site, it is critically important that the traffic is given a strong impression and the best grades of Auto responder suffices to this task.

Complaint rate

In simple words, it refers to the percentage of the total traffic that reports that the mail sent to them was not solicited. High complaint rate indicates that the marketer is failing to make the prospects interested to his offers. Auto responder can even assists the email marketers to overcome this problem. The auto responder enables the marketer to make his campaign well targeted and once the emails are targeted properly, it is obvious that the recipients would feel interested to read the email and take the course of actions as set in the email. This reduces the complaint or the abuse rate significantly.

Though, there is no doubt that the auto responder can serve the marketers wonderfully well, still, being a program, some minimal tasks gets left that the marketers need to accomplish of their own. This article shall also discuss the tricks, tips and suggestions that would enable the marketers to make the optimum use of the auto responder programs

Tips and tricks to bring-in improvements

  • Make the landing page loaded with appealing information yet simple to navigate

The auto responder would do its task to drag the traffic and after that it comes to your turn to make good use of the traffic. The landing page stands your mechanisms to accomplish the task. You have to give an appealing design, compelling layout and above all load the landing page with worth of contents that would keep the traffic engaged. This would be the first step to reduce the bounce rate.

  • Update the website regularly

High bounce rates as well as higher rate of abuse are indications that the content in the website is failing to stimulate interest in the visitor’s mind. Thus, to get the maximum benefits of the higher traffic that the auto responder generates, it is equally important that you keep the website updated with appropriate and timely inputs and information so that the traffic never feels irritated and boar once they hit the site.

  • Personalize the email

It is obvious that when you sent an email, the recipient would love to go through it if it addresses him or her by the name. It gives the recipient an impression that the sender had drafted the mail exclusively for him/her and obviously he/she would give a priority to that email. Email addressed by name can pass through the spam filter easily and thus it hits the inbox for sure and thus there comes improvement in the open rate.

  • Trigger the email to those who had expressed interest

Set the auto responder to trigger emails to the part of the list who had opt-in to receive such communications. This would make the recipients to open the email and click the links embedded within. This would raise the open rate and the click-through rate.

  • Refrain from sending email that carries only text or only images

Incorporate text and images within the email proportionately. This would help you to pass through the spam filter, give a convincing feeling to the recipients and would stimulate their interest. Thus, while scheduling your email, make a use of the images and the templates provided with the auto responder.

Aweber review displays that this brand of auto responder satisfies all these parameters and exhibits the similar functionalities and for that the Aweber Auto responder are considered to be the best grades of auto responders available in the market.


Auto responder enables the email marketers to streamline the marketing campaigns and give it a better direction. These programs enable the marketers to get better traffic on their websites and thus boost the sales and revenue figures.