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Build My List review – Jimmy Kim’s program Build my list

In the internet marketing world it is often said that the money lies in the list. But is the statement true? As a matter of fact, an internet marketer that earns the maximum of revenues has one thing common in between them which all of them build their list. These lists enjoy exceptionally high demand among the buyers. This makes several products to come up the line that claims to offer a chance to the online marketers to build a list of their own. Jimmy Kim had released “build my list” and raises the claim that the product had offered an easy yet highly effective system for the email marketers aspiring to enter the domain. The Build My List would try to find out the concept, its functionalities and thereby would find out the actual worth and the merits of the product.

About Jimmy Kim

Before getting deeper into the Build My List review, it makes sense to make some small discussion about the brain that conceived the product. Jimmy Kim was a student of internet marketing who aspired to know the trick and the traits to earn money online. Thus, he decided to join a program on internet marketing and in due course of time he gets to know the in-between line details concerned with the ball game of internet marketing for which is holds gratitude to the course program he joined. Once Jimmy completed the course, he partnered up with his trainer to drag the program forward to a new level of success.
In subsequent time, Jimmy conceived products like profit academy & Inbox blueprint that enabled him to build his own foundation. The success that these products earned, gave Jimmy the ground under his feat as an expert on internet marketing.

Build my list- How it works?

The Build My List review would now try to find out as how the product works. Build My list had been conceived to handhold the marketers to form a plan that would find its place in the list of the hungry subscribers.
Build my list comprise 5 modules, with each of the module addressing a definite course of knowledge on internet marketing. The comprehensive outcome of these modules will be that the marketers would be able to develop a high-quality list for email that would fetch money substantially. Additionally, the buyers are given a landing page-builder that would help the marketers to gather sales leads perpetually. This is definitely a candid feature of Jimmy’s product that the Build my list review would like to uphold.

The five Modules
The Build My List would like take the readers through the contents in the five modules of Jimmy’s product that would be costing them $49. The modules are listed below:
Module 1: List Secrets
Module 2: The Profit Machine
Module 3: Max Commissions
Module 4: Business Wizard
Module 5: Instant Traffic Triggers
What the buyers get?
It’s time for the build my list review to find out what exactly awaits the buyer in the package. Jimmy’s product would get the buyers:
• Instant and complete access to the 5-step formula on Build-my-list
It fetches the buyer detailed step-by-step training as how to build the list for the email marketing program. The training package would cover the entire scope from the fundamentals to build the list to profit making mechanisms. The market value for the package would be around $497. This is definitely a wonder benefit that is really worth of giving a special mention in Build My List review.
• Personalized Megaphone
The package would enable the email marketers to contact as high as 10000 prospects daily. The buyers get 90 days free access to the premium account on, which would be the personalized megaphone. The market price of similar mechanisms stands at around $147. This is truly an impressive feature that the Build My List review would like to uphold.
• Business Wizard
This technology would enable the user in launching unlimited businesses just in minutes’ time. The user would require customizing the built, drag & dropping the technology for getting the set up for the desired business. The market pricing of similar technology would not cost the buyers less than $147 and thus it is one of the prominent points that this Build My List review would like to state.
• Power calls
You would be given a telephone number that would assist you to get coaching and guidance on daily basis. The coaching would carry tricks, tips and motivational inputs on online business.
• BML Re-brander
The Build My List review would like to uphold that the buyers would get the BML re-brander that usually takes no lesser than 2 months to get written. This book stands at a price $297 in the market and it fetches the internet marketers the secret points about driving the sales through the links. The best part is that it works on single click.
• Tailor-made Business tools

This program would carry 10 graphics, messages as well as the commission programs that can be operated on plug-n-play basis. The pricing of similar tools costs around $3000 and thus it is one of the best benefits that need to be stated in the Build my list.

The points stated above summarizes that the buyers would get valuation equivalent to $4582 and they need to put only $49 which is even lesser than 1/10 the value compares to what they get.

Build my list would like to state that ordering the product would be completely safer for the buyers, as Jimmy promises 100% money back guarantee in case the buyers claims the refund within 30 days for not felling happy after initial usage.
After this Build My List review, What are you waiting for? Collect your package today and make the maximum out of the potentials that the Internet marketing offers.



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