Buy Solo Ads: Common Misconceptions to Avoid



The first time you buy solo ads, you might come to get overwhelmed with how flashy its promises are. Sometimes, you might even think that buying a 100 click would already bring you fortunes beyond what you may have dreamed of. While these things are possible, considering the testimonials of solo ads users, it is best to limit your expectations and to be realistic in reaching your goal.

There are just a lot of misconceptions in this seemingly fortune bringing deal. To succeed in this, you need to get rid of the misconceptions on move on with realism aside of course from getting advices from You might as well become interested with these common myths and how to get rid of it. So, read on, relax and immerse yourself with the following truths to help you succeed rather than staying in a state of stagnancy.


Selling Solo Ads Early On

For an enthusiastic newbie in this solo ads deal, it is quite acceptable to get so excited to sell and garner income. While this is completely understandable, selling subscriber list too early is not. This is the common problem for those who are just starting up.

The thing is, once a person gets a number of subscribers, he is inclined to dispose the list and get instant cash never knowing that this is a straight ticket to getting unsuccessful results. Say, you have at least 500 subscribers on your list and you are planning to dispose these subscribers as soon as possible so you end up selling 50 per batch. Just after you have made the deal with all of your subscribers, you have nothing more to sell. The usual scenario is that you will have to build your list again by buying solo ads subscribers.

The remedy for this disaster is to try to build your list first. Make sure that you have enough on your arsenal before bringing them all to disposal at the same time. Not only will you save time, you will also come to garner more income given the number of available subscribers. A lot of big names in solo ads nowadays would recommend building at least 2500 subscribers first.

To become successful in this deal, you need to think for the long term effects rather than the temporary bliss. You need to build up to stand up.

Buying Solo Ads from Mobile Lists

It might come to be so tempting to buy subscribers from mobile sources like that of Adsense. Yes, you will get instant traffic but the drawback is that you will never know who are active. Remember, there is a need to tap active members since they will be the ones who will determine the outcome of your business. Mobile subscriber lists will give you a problem of dealing with an empty list. This is because some of these users might come to check their mails at least just once or twice per week. At this span of time, the possibilities of landing on success are slim.

Follow the sure deal by clinging to email lists instead. Get to build your list from reputable and active members so that you will not put your money to waste. Sometimes, being wise is much needed to perfect this deal so you have to better keep practicing.

Never Getting a Back up Mail

A lot of internet marketers especially newbies may come complacent about having a back up email address especially when dealing with solo ads subscribers. They tend to think that nothing can go against the fact that they are earning and that subscribers will come flowing. Yet, possibilities are endless and before you knew it, your list might just disappear in a blink.

Can this really happen? The answer is yes. You need to understand that subscribers especially on email lists or subscribers from some sites meant for solo ads have the power to report your emails. This is true especially for subscribers who do not want to get bothered by flashy emails selling something they do not need. Your email might just end up getting dumped with a report.

This is the most troubling nightmare of subscriber builders. For a newbie who have just bought a list of subscribers from a solo ads provider for instance, this is the least that he could wish to happen. The course would just leave your bucks down the drain because as your email is blocked, so are your subscribers. You cannot just retrieve the subscribers you have spent your money with.

So, to stay on the safe line and to never go out of the loop, you need to secure another email address and have your list secured in it. This way, you have something to come back to should your other address fails.

And one thing more, always be realistic on your emails so that you will not end up getting dumped by subscribers. Ensure that you have a minimum saturation of complaints. Take 1 % as the red line in order for you to work harder on maintaining the reputation.

Staying Complacent After Adding a Number of Subscribers

Experts would suggest that you should allow yourself to build subscribers even after you have gathered a number of them. Sometimes, marketers would tend to relax after garnering a number of subscribers thinking that the number would suffice for disposal. Yet, if you would like to earn extra and to level your business up, there is a need for you to really build and build and build subscribers.


To wrap it up, you will basically need to get rid of four misconceptions when buying <link>solo ads<link>. You need to think long term by building your own arsenal of subscribers list, having a backup should everything fail and to never settle for what is available. Pretty much, this will tell you that in order to succeed, time should not be wasted. You also need to be wise in your decisions in order to win the deal.

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