Creating Google Account was never too easy

Nowadays, the importance of video marketing is not hidden from anyone. No matter, whether you are working on your niche website, promoting your services or simply want to get good ranking, video is the most effective way to communicate your message. A large audience can get your message not in specific region but in the whole world.

For this reason, YouTube is now considered as one of the most important video sites that helps users to create, upload or download videos. There are millions of channels running on YouTube and these channels represent various groups whether it is on entertainment, online learning, funny stuff, how to do and much more.

In order to get your videos on YouTube, you need to make sure to have an appropriate Google Account. Gmail or Google mail account is simple to use and offers various features that help business owners and individuals to manage their mails and other tasks. If you are creating Google account for the first time, read the instructions carefully.

Create Google Account to Work on YouTube 

In order to work on YouTube, you need to setup a Google account. You may need several YouTube accounts depending on your requirements and sometimes these accounts need to be linked with each other while at other times, they may need to be separated.

Clean Computer before Creating Next Account 

Before and after creating Google account, make sure to deep clean your computer. Deep cleaning means that there are no traces left for Google to track and let you create new accounts without any trouble. Make sure to clear your computer before signing in new account and logging out of old account.

  • Remove history
  • Remove cache
  • Remove cookies

Run Cookies cleaner that can be found for free and paid. Make sure to get the right one after looking and comparing the features. Some of the popular ones are JetClean and cCleaner.

Assigning Name to Google Account 

Before anything else, you need to decide the name. If you want to promote your name or brand yourself, make the account simply with your own name. However, if you are trying to promote some products or services, make sure to name it accordingly. For example, if you are offering affiliate products reviews, name it as Affiliate Product Reviews”. In other cases, if you are offering anti-aging supplement, choose the name accordingly. You can either name it as beauty or simply anti-aging products.

Naming Your Google Account

Before you begin signup process, make sure to create non-Google email id. It is best to use the name of your website such as This will help in promoting your website to wide number of audience worldwide. Setup a catchall email id for that website such as It will be automatically caught by the catchall, next time you send the mail.

Creating Google Account

Next step is to choose the email address that you want to use. It is recommended to use the same name as that of your channel. If you wish to create plenty of them, make sure to create according to channel’s niche.

  1. For setting up YouTube channel, you need to have a Google account that you can create through Google AdWords. Make sure not to create more than one account to earn via Google AdWords because it is against the guidelines and policies.
  2. You will be redirected to the page that will ask you whether you want to use existing account or new account. You don’t need to tell Google whether you have an account previously. Click the option “I do not use these services”.
  3. After clicking the right option, you will come up with drop down menu for completion of account creation. Write your email address that will prompt you on what channel is it all about for example
  4. A captcha area is to be filled. You must accept the terms and conditions before clicking create account. Without checking it, you won’t be able to create an account.
  5. Choose your home country or simply choose USA. It does not matter what you choose because this AdWords account is only for creating current account rather than using for any other purpose.
  6. You will now be redirected to the page confirming that your AdWords account has been successfully created. It will inform you about the email sent to you on creating your AdWords account successfully. You need to verify by clicking on the link given in it.
  7. After you have clicked the verification link, you will be taken to the page to add your mobile number. It depends on you whether you want to give your cell number or simply proceed by clicking continue.
  8. After this, you will now be redirected to the new page with your email automatically placed in. Enter the correct password and click on the verify button.
  9. If by now you have not done this, make sure to give mobile number and an alternate email id. After you click on add phone or add alternate email id, a form will appear.
  10. Complete the details as required and save the information.  When it comes to creating the email address, you can just make one by one of your websites and use that.
  11. After you have done all the above steps, a new page will pop up, approving the details of the information provided in your Google account. Click on the save button to approve that the information is authentic and correct.
  12. You have now created Google account safely. You will get one more email in your inbox assuring confirmation of successfully completing the signup process and creating Google account. You will now be given the option to change the password, which is not necessary. You need to create a YouTube channel for this account.

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