It may be bit unusual to combine the backlinks and views but the backlinks generate traffic towards your website that is developed according to the quality of the link. They are necessary for search engine optimization increasing the number of views of your videos. They can send traffic to your videos so that you can get those important sales. Therefore you need top quality links with higher reputation. You must make your video very interesting, to make sure that viewers are viewing it.

Authority Back-links

The best back-link for your video must have a page rank that should be higher than the rank of video page. The rank between 2 and 10 will have some significance for your video. It is also suggested that you develop one-way-do-follow backlinks. With the increase in social media marketing people think that importance of backlinks has diminished. That is not true. A single high quality bank link from PR 7 website is better than numerous Facebook likes or Google preferences. The maximum PR google gives to a blog is 6 and not many blog owners provide backlinks from the top ranking blogs. Below is a list of top quality websites that offer the top ranking back links.

Note: A special thanks goes to Ed Kirwan for providing complete information on Do Follow back links below:

  1. PR 9 Do follow back links:

Mozzila.ORG is extremely well esteemed website that has the highest Page rank of PR9.

Please follow these steps to generate a backlink:

Click here to register for Free Mozilla Account at

Fill and submit the Sign Up form.

After verification and activation of account, input your bio with your website’s link

Add photo

Click save and your PR9 backlink is generated.

Another highly esteemed website with PR9.

To generate a PR9 link follow these steps:

Please click here to create account.

Verify your account and create a proper profile with image

To get an effective back-link you need to:

Post on Adobe Forum about certain issues with your website. Be sure to give the url of your website in post. Within few days the backlink will be developed.

  1. PR 8 Do follow back links is top ranking PR8 website.

To generate a do follow back link follow these steps:

To register please click on

After activation, complete your profile with picture. You can link back to your website in the profile using keywords. You can include up to 3 websites.

The largest free ftp software provider with very high PR8.

To register please click

Activate and verify your account by email.

Sign in and launch control panel.

Complete your profile with picture and you can add the backlink in it.

You can get a backlink from PR8

To generate a backlink you need to make a google account.

Sign in to using your Google account.

Edit your profile. In the “About Me” section you can add your website’s backlink.

  1. PR 7 Do follow back links

You can get a back link from PR 8

Please click here to register at

After logging in to the website you can edit your user details.

You can enter the website url in “Your Home Page” box.

If you are unable to update profile make sure you post in the forum.

  1. PR 6 Do follow back links is PR6 social and celeb news website.

To get a back link please click the sign up eventful link.

Verify your account by email.

Sign in to the account.

Include selections in listed topics.

Complete your profile

Click on the “add more info” and add your backlink with this code:

<a href=””>Your Keyword</a>

To generate backlink please click on Goloco link

Create your account.

Enter your profile details with website url and keyword in the fields provided.

Simply follow the above mentioned steps to generate top quality backlinks to your website.

Purchased Back-links

Backlinks can be purchased but it is discourage by Google. They have informed of penalizing the purchased back-links. The quality of your purchased back-links is not guaranteed.

Software and Purchased Views

YouTube discourages electronic views. The electronic views must be made in limited numbers so that the YouTube is not suspicious to remove your channel or video.

Search Engines

The most important step to take after making your video public is to visit or similar mass pinging services. Then enter your video url to ping. That will send number of search engine bots to your video to start the ranking process.

RSS Feeds

RSS feeds are very important in generating backlinks for your website.

To use RSS feeds you need to go to your YouTube channel and look for “home” link. In the drop menu click on “feed”. After that you will be given your channel’s RSS Feed. If there is no drop down menu then you need to go to YouTubeRssfeed to add RSS feed.


Search and join forums related to your channel’s material. Make posts on them and answer questions in forums like Google Groups. You can also post on Yahoo Answers. You can set up a blog in Warrior Forum to improve your progress.

Social Sites

One of the top ways of generating backlinks to your videos is by organizing your videos in video sharing sites. The best service for organizing your websites is

By effectively sharing your videos on internet you can increase the number of backlinks on your websites. Here are few tips on sharing:

  • You can share your every video on YouTube, therefore make use of the YouTube’s video sharing facility.
  • Post the video on personal or professional Facebook page.
  • Use Twitter to market your videos.
  • Include Stumble upon to increase views.
  • Post your video to Pinterest.
  • Add your video on Reddit.
  • Incorporate your video on personal website or blog.

You can also sign up with to provide better coverage to your videos. After signing up with them you can setup accounts for popular sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Be careful in setting up their affiliate sites as not all sites may provide good results.

Using Subscribers for Getting Views

  • You get more views with increased number of subscribers.
  • Post videos on constant basis.
  • Make sure the videos contain important information. They should be able to strike emotions in people’s lives. They can be funny etc.

Once you have implemented the above mentioned points, you need to take care of following steps:

  • Ask your audience to subscribe. Tell them about the need for subscription and how to do it.
  • Add clickable annotations to generate response.
  • Make a blog to include your videos. Add YT subscribe button to the blog to facilitate subscription.
  • Setup a featured channel. That can be your own or another channel complimenting your channel. You can add their link on your page and they can add your link to their page.
  • Communicate with other channel owners.
  • Subscribe to other channels.
  • Set subscriber goal. Tell your subscriber that when your channel reaches certain number of subscribers they will be eligible to enter for a prize competition.
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