Down Selling- technique to build a better rapport with the customer and making them more loyal to your brand

Down selling is the process of selling a low-end and low priced product to a prospective customer whose budget is not matching with the pricing on your regular products. The down selling technique enables you to build a better rapport with the customers, aside making them more loyal to your brand

Often across the sales funnel stages, you get a flock of prospective customers who might be interested to avail your products but their budget for the product lies lower to the price that you had marked on your products. What would you do with this flock? You can simply slash the price tag to make the products more universal, but doing so, you get exposed to the threats that the portion of the buyer who had previously purchased your products for higher prices might take it as an indication as mark of compromise on the quality of the product and thus might turn back to the repurchase phase. At those instances it would be good if you adapt the technique of down selling

What is down selling?

Down selling refers to the process where sellers offer a comparatively low priced item to the prospective buyers whose budget is not fitting to the price rage as levied on the product. The concept is prominently different to the idea as what is cross selling. Thus down selling is perfectly an adjustment to accommodate the buyers with lower budgets, offering them some low-end products, so that there is some conversion of the prospect to actual sell. You would be down selling in order to ensure that you are not loosing up the entire scope of prospects, even though the revenue from the sales would be lesser as compared to the anticipation you made on the prospects.

Advantages to down sell

Even though, the down selling would lower the revenues in comparison to the expectation, it benefits you in several ways. First of all, through down selling, you win a new customer in case it was the first time the buyer is purchasing from you. In case, the down selling was made to an existing customer, it would strengthen your relationship with the buyer and at the same time the loyalty to your brand will significantly improve. Most importantly, you would be able to leave the customers on a positive note and you project that you have solutions across all extent of budget. The biggest benefit in down selling is that you would not require slashing the pricing of the product directly.

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