Effective Keyword Research – Action Steps, Competitive Analysis And Domains

Our last article discussed exactly how you should set up article creation using a main niche keyword at least then other related keywords to create compelling content that solves a problem and focuses on delivering high-quality traffic to your offers.

Our next section is going to discuss additional action steps for competitive analysis and how you should approach this information when choosing the correct domain(s) that you can send traffic to from your articles.

Once you’ve discovered what you perceive to be some of the best keywords your next step is to determine the actual competition that you must focus on. Regardless of the number of searches that appear in Google, your main target is the 10 results on page 1 that you should be focusing going after.

By examining the strength of backlinks of these top pages, will give you an idea as to the ability to rank versus all of the top results on page 1 for the keyword that you’re searching. Why should you only focus on page 1? The lion share of traffic from the search engines comes from being on page one of Google!

Your job is to look over the keywords that you have found and determine if there is a strategic weakness on page 1 for the other businesses that are already ranked there.

If you discover that there is an existing business that has a minimal number of backlinks, you just might be able to knock them out of their position and take it for yourself.

This is why regardless of the competitive value of the keyword, the real competition deals exclusively with your ability to outrank another site. This can be done by creating a greater number of similar high quality backlinks over time then the competing websites will websites on page one of Google for the keyword or keywords that you chosen.

This will also allow you to discover your best keyword or keywords that you can truly compete for. It makes no sense to spend months of hard work trying to outrank top sites that have tens of thousands of backlinks when you can discover the right keyword that you have a much higher chance of ranking for.

Once you’ve discovered your best keyword phrase that these keywords should be used when it comes to creating a domain name. Remember that exact match domains are no longer that important to Google but you should always use your main keyword in the creation of a domain without the necessity of an exact match.

This method is a highly effective way for locating strategic weaknesses, determining the kinds of backlinks that you will need to be competitive and then choosing the right domain name that you can publish additional articles, website content and even your products and services.

Remember to always create high-quality pages with at least 1000 words of good content and minimal ads in order to keep the search engines happy and avoid penalties from algorithmic changes like Panda.

As a final note, if you target low to medium competitive keywords it will be much easier to rate for these and with just a few weeks of article publishing related to these keywords will be significantly easier to rank for.

Our next article will discuss creating and building a website quickly, low cost and works well with the search engines.

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