Effective Keyword Research Starts With These Important Steps

Effective keyword research need not be as difficult as you think. In fact, there are some truly impressive tools that simplify the entire process and show you exactly where you should be focusing your efforts.

In one of our last articles we discussed the importance of choosing an Evergreen niche to guarantee that your efforts are focused on desperate buyers and people that are ready to make purchases based more on emotion than thought.

Some of the best and most productive keywords are long tailed keywords. This is because long tailed keywords typically support highly targeted sub niche of the main niche keywords. Let me give you an example; the main niche, weight loss, is a macro niche. A sub niche might be, “women post pregnancy that want to lose 20 pounds quickly.”

It is much easier to promote products and services to sub niches because you know exactly the kind of sales content that you need to create in order to have you target the Evergreen niche as the main focus. This is because a sub niche gives you much more information when it comes to delivering to desperate buyers too.

It is much easier to write sales materials and create ads to target pregnant women that it just given birth and want to lose weight, then to try to sell a generic weight loss program to everybody.

Now that you understand that you should be targeting longtail keywords you simply need to match the right longtail keyword with an Evergreen niche and begin to do research.

Using Market Samurai is a great first step when searching out longtail keywords. This is because this highly effective tool is a mainstay for most marketers that are interested in doing research.

If you do not want to use Market Samurai then your next step is to use Google Adwords’ Keyword Planner to ferret out top keywords related to your niche that you can further dig down to, in order to locate the right set of longtail keywords.

Your objective is to build a list of keywords that you can create a series of articles around. Each keyword should be related to your longtail keyword that you choose and the main macro niche.

So for example our macro niche is weight loss, so we might choose longer tailed keywords like. “Weight loss in teenagers”, “weight loss in the elderly”, “weight loss post pregnancy”; the idea is to create a series of related keywords that act like a huge fishing net to bring people to your products and services with each unique longtail keyword as the main focus of the single article you can publish.

This acts as an effective pre-sell so that you can position your products and services to each group. You certainly can sell the same products and services to each group as long as you present the correct information that relates to each group.

For example, the weight-loss product, Garcinia Cambogia Extract, is effective in helping just about anyone lose weight. If you were selling this product to post pregnancy women, you would focus your sales material on how effective the product was for helping women lose weight after pregnancy. You do the same thing for each longtail keyword even though you are selling the same product to a variety of different groups.

This is just the beginning of the keyword research that you will need to do so please continue reading in our next article.

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