Effective Keyword Research – Your Main Objectives Defined

In our last article we talked about longtail keywords and how they are a great place to start when it comes to digging down into an Evergreen niche and extracting desperate buyers.

I need you to now take a look at your next step, which is building an effective list of keywords and using them to dominate the searches your niche will be looking for.

I mentioned earlier the importance of using Market Samurai; I will not go into the exact details of using this product as it is beyond the scope of this article, but suffice it to say that it is your best tool and extracting lists of related keywords, whether or not the keyword you choose is too competitive and the marketability of keywords contingent on the results of the software.

Obviously the final result using Market Samurai is to find a series of related keywords that are both long tailed and have a high marketability as well as medium to lower competitive aspects, so that you’re not devoting months and months trying to rank for difficult or nearly impossible keywords.

Let’s talk about a really effective way to use keywords to build authority and deliver ever growing traffic to your offers.

Your first step is to discover 10 main keywords that are essentially macro niche keywords, that are related to the Evergreen niche that you chosen. Once you have achieved this, your job is to then create one main article for each of these keywords that resolve a problem that the niche is having.

You will need to also research of total of 100 related keywords, or 10 related keywords for one main niche keyword. The reason for doing this is so that when you write your 10 main articles, you will be doing so with related support keywords that should flow naturally into your article creation. So you want your keyword progression to look something like this:

1 Main Niche Keyword >>> 10 Related Niche Keywords>>> Write one article with the main niche keyword and ten related keywords

So Weight Loss would be 1 main niche keyword. Now gather ten related keywords and create one article using all of this.

When you’re choosing the 10 related niche keywords make sure they are high in search volume and allow you to write a natural flowing sounding article that answers a problem that the main niche is having. These are building blocks for a powerful authority article that will draw traffic from the search engines.

Ideally, you should repeat this process nine more times!

I know this may seem like a lot of work but understand that every time you do this you are creating a larger volume of traffic, and you are creating authority articles. By doing this you will be publishing and positioning your entire website to be pulled up by the bootstraps as Google deeply rewards high-quality content that is well written and answers problems to your niche.

Our next article will explore more of this process and discuss additional steps you can take to fully understand how to master the correct keywords for each article you create.

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