How To Make The Most Out Of Twitter

Twitter is a social networking site with a logo of a blue bird.

Signing up is simple. After a quick input of personal data, verification of your email address, and confirmation via mobile number or through mail, Voila! You have joined the millions of Twitter subscribers.

Twitter gives us huge opportunities to engage with others. It is an effective means for getting your message and content to a huge number of people.

Here are some of the tips to make the most out of Twitter:

• Communicate and connect with people throughout the world. Since it is a social networking site, you can exchange conversation with people through tweets or direct messages. And you can be YOU, a person with a name and a face.

Tweeting is like expressing yourself. If you feel like having anything to say, or provide information to others, tweet it! Talk about your interests so your followers know what you or your business is about. Or you could retweet someone else’s tweet or topics of interests you have read. You could also Favorite tweets. You can connect with people who is tweeting topics that you might find interesting. Direct messaging is a way to communicate quickly and privately with someone. It has a new feature where you can now speak privately with a group of people. This is limited to up to 20 people.

• Follow people who are interested in your business and can help share your content. Just because your friends follow them does not mean you should. To avoid wasting your time unfollowing people, follow only those who really matter or you find interesting. Remember, your Twitter feed will be filled with their tweets. There will be people following you. Return the favor by following them back. Who knows you may find their posts interesting?

• Use third-party tools and applications. Geofollow (finds Twitter users near you) and WeFollow (organizes users by category) are sites used to search for relevant people and categorize them. TweetDeck timelines stream in real-time, so you never have to hit Refresh button over and over.

• Keep updated with “what’s hot and what’s not”. Use it as a source of your daily dose of new information. Follow accounts of people, the media, or an organization that provides you daily news.

• Attain your business goals. Whether you are trying to start a small business or promote it, Twitter can help. Need to advertise your products? Tweet it! Make your tweets stand out by including photos. Or have Twitter promote it, but you will pay Twitter with this method. Promoted tweets charges Twitter responsible to do all the teasing and tempting to potential customers for you. Your Twitter account is featured in search results, and in categorized sections. How does that sound?

• Business conferences from home. Twitter enables users to virtually attend meetings and conferences. This feature decreases the effectiveness of the traditional “face-to-face” conferences. Companies save billions of money allotted for sales training. Virtual events is an inexpensive way of replacing the physical conferences. You save money from purchasing a ticket and hauling your luggage for a trip. You can attend trainings without the jet lag!

• Event planning made convenient.  Event planners need not spend days looking for the perfect place to hold events. On Twitter, you find the necessities you are looking for. Stop worrying about where to find the venue for the event, organizer, etc. All you need to do is tweet it, someone on Twitter has the solution to it.

• Capture life at its best. This is one of the two new features on Twitter. You get to capture moments that take your breath away or the heart-warming firsts of your child as it happens. The feature enables users to shoot, edit, and share videos on Twitter. Discover the videographer in you!

I hope the tips I have given will help optimize your experience on Twitter. Remember the basics. JUST TWEET and RETWEET!

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