How to Manage Videos in YouTube

It is quite simple to create google account and thereafter YouTube account but the problem arises when it comes to managing. Especially, if you are new, you may find it very hard and time consuming. However, there is always a solution to the problem. If you are looking for ways to manage YouTube effectively, here is a complete guideline that will help you manage YouTube videos without any trouble.  You will also find the ways to optimize your video so that it shows on top of search engine results.

Click on Video Manager

On the top right corner of YouTube page, you will find video manager link. Click on it and it will shift automatically to the left side of the page. It is not possible to access dashboard unless you have uploaded one video.

Upload Video 

After you have clicked the “Upload a Video” button, make sure to choose one option from private, public or unlisted. It is recommended to go for private setting because at this point you don’t need the search engines to index or crawl your video. Later on, when you come to know that video is monetized and fit for the search engines to crawl, you can change the settings from private to public.

Later, you need to choose the first video for uploading. In other case, you can also drag and drop the video in the specific windows.

Rename the Video 

Make sure that before you upload video, rename the video that is based on keyword research. You can alter the name in the title of video after uploading to show correct name. However, YouTube still manages to recognize the real upload name.

Start Editing Video While Uploading 

While your video is being uploaded you can quickly get started with editing process. It is not the video that you need to edit, rather it will be information regarding video. The information is very important in perspective of SEO. The editing services for SEO are categorized in 5 parts that are Enhancements, Captions, Info and settings, Audio and automation. They are dealt separately and with special care. Make sure that you pick the right set of keywords to add in the description for better results.

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