How You Should Follow Up With Buyers On Your Email List

Have you managed to convert some of the people who joined your list into buyers yet? If you have managed to convert subscribers into buyers you’re in business. You now have people that are willing to spend money with you because they trust you. In fact you shouldn’t even look at it as them buying from you. What they are really doing is investing in you. If you give them a good return on their investment then they’ll keep coming back again and again. What you need to do once someone has purchased something from you through your emails is follow up right away.


Following up right away is very important. When people spend their money they sometimes do it as a test. Some of the subscribers on your list that spend with you might want to see if you’re going to do any of the following:


  • Are you going to stop being as friendly as you were in the beginning now that they’ve bought something from you? If this is the case it only confirms what they thought in the first place. Some might be so bitter if you do this that they might ask for a refund.
  • Are you going to send them a message asking about how they liked the product? This would show that you really care more about how they like the product versus just getting a sale.
  • Are you going to be willing to answer any questions they have in relation to your product? This is a good thing to do, because you can use the feedback to make your product better.


If you truly don’t know how you should follow up with subscribers that have bought something from you, here’s a simple set of rules to follow.


  • After someone has bought something from you they’ll be looking it over. This is the time to send them more emails to get feedback from them and show them that you care about how they view the product. You should be sending follow up emails to buyers every 2-3 days.
  • Some buyers aren’t going to look at your product for a while. It might sit on their hard drive for a long time. This doesn’t mean you don’t send them follow up messages. The people who buy from you have a high probability of buying from you again if you take good care of them. Try to have a maximum of about 30 days worth of emails to send to buyers.


Following up in this way might seem like it’s going to be alot of work, but it’s worth it when you do it right. Now that you have the trust of a certain percentage of your list you can focus on how to market to them in the future. Your main goal should be to sell them higher priced products in the future. In order to get to this level you have to always be working on building stronger relationships. Also focus on providing more value than what your buyers expect to get. In the next article we’re going to give a complete rundown of what makes for a good follow up and promotional email.


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