Keyword Research: How Relevant is Your Search Term For Video Marketing ?

Keyword Research

Keyword is the most important part of online marketing and promotion. Whether you are working on health related products, technology, digital products or selling services like writing, editing or developing, you need to find relevant keywords in order to get in search results. You will not get the right amount of traffic that can result in conversion, if you are ignoring the keywords that people use to search. No matter how relevant or compelling content you had written, there is no use without relevant keywords.

Keyword is the backbone of any online market research and competition. It tells what people are looking for, what they typed in search bar and from which country the traffic was generated the most with specific keywords. Nowadays, the trend of video marketing is becoming popular and majority of marketers are depending on video marketing for getting more traffic and coming ahead of competitors.

Searching for keyword that is explicitly for YouTube holds great importance. It is important because you will come to know, what people are searching for and what are the most popular search queries that people typed. This is how you mostly get your video found on YouTube and content on Google.

It seems quite boring for the people when it comes to keyword research but the fact is that it is the pearl in the ocean that they are ignoring the most. The keywords that are relevant to your niche and have very low competition are going to be the best one. There are number of tools available that you can use such as Google AdWords tool, Market Samurai and YouTube keyword tool. All of them are equally good.

Researching Relevant Keyword

YouTube Suggest is the most authentic and widely used keywords research tool used by most of the video marketers. You can get a list of seed keywords in a broader category that you can choose according to your preference. For example, if you are looking for Digital Marketing, simply type the phrase and the most relevant keywords will be displayed on screen from which you have to choose combination of keywords.

Next step is to type “Digital Marketing” in search box given followed by different characters such as “a”, “u”, “e” or any other character from A to Z. After typing such characters you will find number of keyword ideas that you can choose as your seed keywords. Keep in mind that since 2013, the functionality of keyword tool was eliminated but still you can find plenty of information.

The first step is to go to YouTube keyword tool and select the country you want to target. Enter the list of keywords and switch between negative and exact phrase. You will come across number of irrelevant keywords with high search results. You can use these keywords to name your channel or video title.

Google AdWords Keyword Planner

To make use of Google AdWords keyword planner, you need to have Google account. If not, signup for Google AdWords account in order to use keyword planner. You will find that only exact match keywords will be given while broad terms match will not be shown.

Go to Tools and analysis section and open search for new keywords. Now insert all those keywords that you found on YouTube, separated by comma. Two options i.e. keyword ideas and ad group ideas will be shown. You will find number of exact match keywords that can be downloaded directly to your computer. The download button is given at the top.

The Ad group ideas will be displayed according to their significance. Simply get your mouse over these keywords and you will come quickly with the keywords list inside that ad group. The keywords can be downloaded for all the Ad Groups.

Another way of getting the relevant ad group idea is to get your mouse over the keywords and click anyone of them to come up with the specifics of that Ad group. This can simply be done for any ad group that you would like to see.

Additional Keyword Tools (Paid)

Market Samurai is also one of the favorite keyword tools for many marketers. It does not only give you relevant keywords that you would like for your videos but will also help you track, analyze and rank your videos against competitors. You can also use this tool to find related products, services and other things that are just needed to promote your business. You can also get ideas for writing articles as well as great opportunity for you to search for backlinks. The Market Samurai tool is very helpful and is available as both free and paid. For more functions and features, it is great to have paid version. You can also find relevant training videos helping you to bring most out of your site.

It is also very important to know that how your keyword is performing against competitors and what are the strategies that can bring you ahead of competitors. Previously, it was also possible to view tags and keywords on the video page. However, presently, you need to go through step of process that is surely not difficult.

You need to right click on the video description and click view source. It will come up with a source page where you can find Meta keywords used by competitors. However, there is a drawback on using this method as YouTube shortens the keyword that exceeds 66 characters. You can’t see the keywords.

To find the relevant keywords on Page Source, you need to press Ctrl + F. A dialog box will open where you need to type the keyword and press enter. You will find all the tags for the video in a popup box.

Go through the line which is very long unless you find the start if keyword list. Copy the keywords and paste it in your text document. Now compare the keywords of competitors with yours. You can also add few on your own.

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