Landing page optimization – (Technique to make the landing pages functional at the optimum level)

Landing page optimization is all about those adjustments and alteration upon the appearance and content of the web page so that it appears more appealing to the target visitors. The process attempt to generate more of sales lead from the landing page or it aims to raise the volume of sales through the WebPages.

In today’s time, while the majority of the business promotion and marketing activates are carried on over the web domain, the term optimization had turned to be one of the most frequently used word in the vocabulary. Business promotions in concurrent time use several forms techniques to which there are even secondary actions to make the primary techniques for effective and productive. These secondary techniques are referred to as optimization and in the list; landing page optimization is a concept that needs to be given a special mention.

The concept of landing page

Before getting into the discussion on the concept of landing page optimization, it is required to answer the question what is a landing page. In simple terms, a landing page is a interface wherein the prospective buyers gets introduced to the products and/or services offered. Mostly, the prospective buyers are sent email containing the link, clicking which they gets redirected to the landing page. The page either serves the mechanism to generate leads or it gets into sales generation endeavors, straight way.

What is landing page optimization?

Once the topic of landing page had been given some hint, the point of focus can now be shifted to the concept of landing page optimization. Put simple, landing page optimization can be described as endeavors and efforts to take a function to the optimum level. Thus, the technique of landing page optimization can be described as a part and parcel of the comprehensive online marketing and advertising process that can alternatively tagged the name of conversion optimization. The purpose of adapting to the application of the landing page optimization is very specific in the sense that its objective is to step-up the percentage by which the visitors are presently visiting the website or the webpage displaying the advertisements, and subsequently there comes a rise in the generation of the lead for sales or the actual sales volume through the website or through other WebPages. Landing page optimization is all about those adjustments and alteration upon the appearance and content of the web page so that it appears more appealing to the target visitors.

Open-end and closed-end experimentation for landing page optimization

The entire scope of actions within the concept of landing page optimization basically flows through series of experimentation, of which one is the open-ended and the other is the closed-ended experimentations.

To conduct the experiments that are open ended for the landing page optimization, the visitor to the page is given exposure to landing pages of various types, headline, layout & formatting, in order to observe their behavior on the pages. This is done to figure out those traits in the page that can distract off the visitor from the page, so that those threats can be eliminated. Reaching to the conclusion phase of the experimentation, based on observations made during the experiment, the optimal page gets selected.

The closed-end experiments in landing page optimization would closely resemble that approach and process in conducting the open-end experiments, with the exception that the visitors would be taken through wider scopes of experiments and testing.

The unique feature of this form of landing page optimization is that the process would not stop even after the optimal point had been reached. The closed end optimization techniques are majorly employed by the larger corporations with the objective that there comes dynamic improvements upon the existing rate of conversion and simultaneously, the visitors are given a better experience of navigation through the site. So you can easily understand how much it is important and what are the basic features of this landing page optimixation.

Experimentation-based landing page optimization may be achieved through techniques like A/B Testing, testing total-experience as well as Multivariate landing page optimization. The methodologies stated can be applied equally for the open-end and the closed-end experiments.

A/B testing

The method of A/B testing for landing page optimization involves the test of 2 versions of the webpage, denoted as A and B. The testing method is also know as “A/B/N split testing”, where the term N stands for 3 and subsequent tests that can be compared and measured. The data generating out of this form of testing is evaluated via conversion or Click-through.

How A/B testing is conducted?

A/B testing for the Landing page optimization can be conducted either parallel or in sequences. If the attempt is made through parallel testing methods, also known as the split tests, both the versions would be made available, splitting the traffic between those two versions. For the sequential testing, the results generated from the test are skewed by varying traffic patterns as well as time periods in course of which different testing are run.

Advantages in conducting A/B Testing

While conducting the landing page optimization through the approach of A/B testing, the following advantages are observed:

* Since the testing is conducted with the utilization of the existing tools and resources, the process comes inexpensive.

* The process goes very simple as it never involves the analysis of complex statistical data.

The online orientation for business promotions, advertisements and marketing was adapted with the objective to cut the competition that the business houses were facing while employing the traditional forms of advertising and marketing activities. However, so effective was the concept in promoting the business that corporations flocked to its usage and new field of competition emerged as the art of online marketing. Subsequently, several forms of secondary actions were envisaged that attempts to make the basic functions robust, performing and effective. The technique of landing page optimization had enabled business houses to make the landing pages more performing. Thus, landing page optimization had served the business houses to generate more sales lead or to strengthen the online sales functions. Hence it can be easily understood that it can really help your business exertion immensely and surely going to help you to get more clients across the globe if you can handle it well enough.

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