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In the modern era of today, a huge hype is being seen in the trend of video marketing. People are using the help of Google and YouTube for video marketing of their products on the World Wide Web in an effective manner. Google and YouTube are making day by day improvements for their viewers to use them effectively for the marketing of their products. There are many online resources from where you can find authentic and informative information regarding video SEO tips. YouTube Partner support and YouTube blog are considered to be the best social media platforms which will prevent you from being penalized.

If you are going to perform video SEO of your company or its products, make sure that you keep in mind the techniques to rank your video on video sites to attract massive traffic towards your website in an effective manner. Make sure you add 20 to 30 videos per playlist on YouTube and also they should completely focus on same target market.

The more related video you add to your playlist, the more you will be able to rank your video channel on YouTube well. YouTube will also provide you the complete list of related videos to your product video which has already been viewed by people. The main aim of your video on YouTube is to get the maximum views on your website. Moreover, make sure that your playlist is according to your website’s content. Below are few tips which you can use for video SEO on YouTube with ease.

Use Attractive Thumbnails

Mostly when you try to upload a video on YouTube, you are given an option to select three types of thumbnails for one video. Moreover, you can also upload your own thumbnail. It is really important according to SEO point view to use attractive thumbnails to your videos because it helps to show the viewers what is the video all about effortlessly. Try to select the thumbnail which is prominent and tells the detail of the video at a glance. While, making your own thumbnail, you will not have to use the image from the still video. Make 16:9 aspect ratio of your video or 640×360 resolution of your video.

Add Related Keyword in Title of the Video

Before uploading your video on YouTube make sure that the title of your video has the related keyword in it. Also, make sure that your keywords appear twice in the title of the video. For instance if you have uploaded a video regarding weight loss program by professional weigh loss expert, the main keyword is weight loss which is used twice in the title. Moreover, if you are targeting the similar keyword videos, you can easily add the numbers of those videos at the end of your video title. If you have a compelling and effective title of your video, you will be able to have better Click rate ratio.

Write Effective Description 

Try to write an effective and compelling description of your video in the description box of your video. By doing this the snippets will be able to show first 150 characters out of 5000 in Google, so make sure that those words really count and are written effectively. Make sure you have added the related primary keyword in your description which will also help you attract more traffic towards your video with ease.

Use MetaX Software for Adding Keyword 

If you are not able to add the primary or related keyword to your video description, you can easily use the MetaX software. It will help you add related keywords in your videos title, description and link with ease.

Use Related Keywords in Description

It is really important for you to add URL of your YouTube channel at the end of your video description and also your website address. It will help you in telling your viewers about your channel and attract more traffic towards the channel as well as towards your website. Google and YouTube usually look for high quality and informative content, so it is important for you to write informative description of your video by adding the related keywords in it. It is really not necessary to write 5000 character description of your video. However, it is important to write description with high volume of related keywords in it.

Use Table of Content in Description

If you think that your video is explaining several points, try to add a table of content in the description for the ease of viewers. Moreover, YouTube will also help you by making adjustments to the time marker of the video so that the viewers can easily jump to their desired part of the video in an effective manner. This is really considered to be helpful as it will attract more users towards your informational videos.

Use Tags in Videos

Tags are considered to be helpful keywords which people mostly uses in their YouTube videos. Normally, YouTube allows you add a 120 character tags to your video. Make sure your tag does not exceed the thirty character limit. Make sure you add the name of your video channel in the tag, which will help YouTube to add your video to its related videos with ease. You can also search the tags in the Meta description by viewing the page source of your competitor’s video page. You can also add long tail keywords in your videos tags and separate them by using commas with no space.

Select Related Video Category

Before uploading your video on YouTube, make sure that you have selected the related videos category as it is considered to be the most significant part and also important for SEO strategy. If you have not added your video in the related video category, you will not be able to attract traffic towards your video as well as your website. You will be numerous video category options on YouTube from which you can choose the appropriate one before uploading it.

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