Marketing and Promoting your Books

Once you finish the book and have it published, another challenge comes – book promotion. You need to market your book to connect with a large network of people and get them to buy. It is crucial to the success of your work. Some authors do not know how, and some have no interest in Marketing because the process is time-consuming… and they could have written another book with the time spent on promotions.

Self-published authors need to learn Marketing fast! They should keep improving their marketing strategies by reading up on other author’s strategies and experimenting on what works. There are so many available options that it would be very easy to get lost in the maze.

Here are some sites you can use to promote your books. Take time to read through other author’s blogs and see what they’re doing too.


When you look for communities for your promotions, appears on the top of the search engine results.  They welcome authors to use their community as a marketing tool to reach a large group of book lovers. If you’re looking for free exposure, you can go to their book discussion forums, or purchase an advertising space. The latter offers maximum exposure at a rate of $30 for new authors and it is permanent. Your books will appear to their fans on their Facebook page.


An affiliate to Amazon, Kboards is a community forum for Kindle. Their forums have discussion boards focused on books and all things related to Kindle. You can take advantage of their promos and large reader base. For only $15, your books will be posted in the Kindle blog including the synopsis and the links of your books’ page on Amazon, a post on their Facebook page and a tweet on their Twitter account.

They also offer a full book banner ad that includes a 50% random rotation in forum headers on every page for $40/day. Since they claim to have 25,000 registered members in their Kindle forums, your book will reach a large audience of readers.


You can tweet links to your books, photos of your book covers, or a video of you as an alternative to a press release. Your followers will see them, you might want to ask them to retweet your post. Or you could register on Reader’s Gazette for free if you find tweeting a time-consuming activity. They will do the tweeting of your books for you.


Turn that social media into your marketing tool. You can link your Google+ profile to your website or any social media accounts. There is no maximum length to your posts.

One of the benefits of being active in Google+ is being able to join in communities and join the circle of writers, publishers and book lovers on G+. This gives you the chance to develop your target groups.
You may have other ways and options on how to promote your books. All you need is time. Just keep on improving your marketing strategies. With the right platform, your book will reach the hands of your readers and you will see your sales numbers improve.

If you use other promo links or if you have other marketing tips, do share them.

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