Optimization on the page

  1. Meta data

Usually 99% of SEO go wrong at this point. This is not because the right keywords are not put in the quality content rather it is due to the fact that human psychology is not understood.

SEO is not to get an amazing ranking but it is speaking the heart to the audiences and putting yourself in their shoes.

Driving traffic should be the main goal. Despite being number 2, considerable traffic can be drawn by right crafting of the Meta description and title.

If you’re unable to generate attractive and efficient sets of these, you may check ‘what are Adwords?’ and ‘what Adwords marketers do?’

However, keep this in mind that they are benefiting for each click and are competing for more as well.

Generally, for higher CTR, they have an optimized ad copy.


  1. Primary Content

For SEO, content is considered as gold.

Outstanding SEO can have amazing results and that is what should be used for off-page and on-page SEO.

All of the backlinks are associated with well typed unique forms of content that has relevance to keywords and play a key role in formation of authority sites.

This is the criteria of how usually sites are ranked. So while setting up a website, it is important to recheck that google can easily link, generate a connection and track the site. And this can only be achieved via astounding content.

My recommendation to you would be to add a minimum of 2000 words in form of an article on your homepage to initiate so when google gets to index it, it knows for what keyword your site is relating to.

This works all the time!


Secondary content


In order to get secondary content to your site, you need to first select keyword comprising of 5-10 long tail words and generate a 500 word article for the selected keyword. However, the word count is not a hard line. You may extend the text but what seems relevant and interesting. Don’t overdose the reader!

You should focus on quality. Do not bore the reader.

This is important because:

  1. Connection

While adding long tailed word relevant to your core keyword, you introduce connection or relevancy of that keyword to your website. Similar to the fact that for skin problem, we will seek a dermatologist compared to a general practioner. On comparison scale, with greater keyword abundance, google will prefer your site over wikihow, Amazon or Wikipedia.

  1. Increased traffic

There will be an increase in the visitors and traffic if long tailed keywords are used. Additionally, addition most searched queries can also be added however they are not in the Google Keyword Planner Tool documentation.




In case you’re on WordPress, then this shouldn’t be quite a bit of an undertaking for you. In case you’re on any other stage, I’m certain you’ll discover an exercise on Youtube.


You have to set your permalinks with the goal that you can have custom -message as your permalinks.




http://Yourwebsite.com/here -goes -your-essential word -rich -url


We realize that Google without a doubt takes Keywords in url/area name into thought while positioning sites.


You can check by doing a basic Google Search.


Individuals have assembled entire organizations around the same reality, so no doubt!


Verify you have it right.




Adding your site to the Webmaster devices is your individual decision.


I don’t and it has never influenced my efforts.


That said, regardless I would prescribe you to make a sitemap for your pursuers and a XML sitemap.


Furthermore, add it as a connection to your site on the grounds that it helps Google, an extraordinary arrangement in indexing your site.


At the point when Google crawlers take after the connection to your sitemap from your landing page, it will get told about all the pages that exist on your site.


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