Optimizing Your YouTube Channel Make It Attractive and Catchy Channel Optimization

It is important to enhance your channel as it is important when it comes to optimizing single video. There are number of things that Google look for in your video so you have to go through every possible means in order to make most out of it. In the beginning, your channel may not seem interesting to the viewers. It is therefore important to make it look more appealing, and attractive, inviting them with open and warm heart.

Starting with Channel Optimization 

All you need to do is to go on the top with the option YouTube channel art page. Here you can get all the required information and arts and images of all sizes for download. It is also very easy to find the attractive and nice looking free backgrounds for your channel art to embellish your YouTube theme. If you are not creative and can’t create attractive arts and images, don’t worry because there are numerous sites where you can find cheap services from professionals.

However, if you are little bit artistic and create catchy arts and images but are not equipped with necessary tools, you can go for multiple free and premium software available for download online.

Add Image for Channel Art

To optimize your channel, you can simply click on add channel art. A window will appear with a blue tab named “Select a photo from your computer”. Click on the button and select the file that you want to upload.

Try Different Platforms

After the image is uploaded, you will be given different templates that you can try and see what looks better on mobile, TV or desktop computer. If it does not seem fit, you can crop and adjust the image according to your requirements. The catch here is to keep the top left corner of the image clear so that it does not overlap any other part of the image.

Uploading Avatar

Now your art is uploaded successfully, you have to upload channel avatar. Avatar is very important for YouTube channel because it gives personal touch to the channel. It is not necessary that you upload real picture of yourself. It can be anything from your own personal logo to art or image. This avatar will help people to know and identify your channel without any difficulty. Take your mouse over the avatar, click on the pencil icon that appears.

Google Plus Profile Page

A new window will appear that will help you to add picture or avatar in Google+. You can either drag or drop the picture or simply click on “Select a photo from computer” to add photo. Your photo will now appear on the Google+ page. You can either stay on the page for later work or simply close the window.

Refresh the Page

Go back to YouTube channel and refresh the page. Your avatar must appear on the page. It can be changed anytime by simply hovering your pointer on the avatar and clicking the edit button.

What is Channel About?

After you have done with channel art and avatar, it is now time to name your channel. This name will help people to recognize what it is all about. Make sure to name your channel after proper keyword research and through analysis. You can open channel description, links and features and other channels all at same time.

Write Channel Description 

Make sure to write the description carefully. It is limited to 1000 characters with spaces. Choose your keywords nicely because your page is going to be discoverable on Google. Make sure to write thought provoking and nice article with lots of keyword. But do not overstuff the keywords that it looks spam and fake. It is good to add links to your website in the description so that you can get backlink and good amount of traffic.

Add Clickable Links

After you had written description of the channel, make sure to add clickable links to your channel art. The clickable links can be of any website or other YouTube channel that you are running. It can be squeeze page, landing page or link to your blog. Make sure to bring prospects to attract people to sign up on your channel.

Add Other Social Sharing URL

You can also add other social sharing websites such as Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn. Once you have decided which ones to include, make sure to copy and paste the URLs of your social websites in appropriate place. After you have completed, make sure to save the work by clicking done.

Feature Your Channel

If you like the viewers to know about other channels, make sure to feature those channels on the present one you are working on. You need to copy and paste the channel URL and simply click add. URL will be inserted after clicking done.

Comment on your Channel 

This is the most important part of channel that most of the people ignore. Make sure to comment on your channel and ask your friends and other community members to comment on your channel. The purpose of commenting is that people will know about your channel and will definitely bring some awareness. It is a good source of increasing traffic to your website, landing page or squeeze page.

Choose the Language 

When making a YouTube channel, make sure to select the right language according to the location you are targeting. If you are targeting worldwide, select English or otherwise make sure to go for the language that is spoken by the natives of that country. You have successfully uploaded your channel. Now upload as many videos as you can and make sure to be specific to your channel.

If you don’t know how to pick the right keywords for YouTube Channel “Click here”. Follow the instructions given and make sure to pick the seed keywords after analyzing and judging your competitors. While writing description, make use of as much keywords as possible to get notice by Google in search results.

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