Providing Continuous Value To Your Email List Subscribers To Keep Them Coming Back For More

When you get someone to join your email list what do you do in order to get them on? You offer a free report or a free multi part course right? You’re giving them something of value in order to give you their information. The whole goal for you should be to keep on providing value as long as someone is on your list, not just long enough to get them to purchase something. How do you provide value though? Well first let’s look at some of the ways you don’t provide value.


  • You don’t send frequent messages to your list promoting something. This is going to be tempting to do, but you have to stay away from being overly promotional. When you build trust with your subscribers then you can attempt to promote to them. Think of making sales as a trade off for the free value you provide. If you do this right then the people on your list will feel almost obligated to purchase what you recommend.
  • You don’t send content that has no value at all. What type of content is this? This would be content that is saying the obvious, content that can be found easily on the internet. In order for your subscribers to be convinced their getting something of value they have to believe their getting something unique and special. Put some thought into the content you send to your email subscribers and they’ll return the favor in the form of sales.
  • You don’t go too long without contacting the peopel on your email list. Understand your list isn’t the only list they might be subscribed to. A subscribers attention might be spread too thin and the competition might outwork you when it comes to providing value. You don’t want to have someone unsubscribe from your list do you? Well then you have to always be thinking about different ways to provide value to your list members.

How do you provide value exactly? 


The best way for you to provide value would be to always think of things you believe would benefit your list subscribers. What do they want? What do they need? What problems do they have? What type of entertainment do they like? How can you better help them solve their problems? When you think along these lines it becomes easy to put together content, video, audio messages, even survey lists your subscribers will engage in.


You also need to make sure you’re always prepared with follow up sequences for customers as well as prospects. You don’t want to treat anyone like they take priority. Your list is your list and you must look at it as a whole.



The ultimate way for you to provide continuous value to the people on your email lists is to come out with really good products. These products should be your own, because you are the person your list members would trust. In the next article we’re going to talk about some different ways to go about monetizing the peopel on your list.


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