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The trend of video marketing is gaining popularity day by day. YouTube and Google are making improvements every day in order to give the best and useful information to the viewers. You need to keep an eye on these changes and work according to the guidelines. There are resources where you can get plenty of information on video SEO. YouTube blog and YouTube Partner support are good platforms to make you stay away from being penalized. If you are going to perform video SEO, make sure that you follow the techniques, rank your video and get huge amount of traffic. It is similar to having a website with great content. Make sure that your videos contain 25 to 30 videos per playlist. All of them should focus on same target market/niche.

The more relevant video you add to your playlist, the more likely the channel will get ranked. YouTube also gives a list of related videos when someone watches your video. You definitely want those related videos to be yours. The main focus is basically to get more views on your website or product that you want to bombard with traffic. Make it clear that your playlist should be in accordance with your website’s content category.

Compelling and Attractive Thumbnails 

You are offered to select three thumbnails for one video offered by YouTube. You can also get your own thumbnail uploaded. It is for the purpose of showing viewers what is the video all about. Make sure that the thumbnail should be clear and tells the detail at a glance. When making your own thumbnail, you don’t have to choose image from the still video. Make sure to use 16:9 aspect ratio. For the size, 640×360 is the best resolution for your videos.

You have a choice of selecting one of three Video thumbnails provided by YouTube. Make sure that the resolution of 640×360 is ideal for YouTube submission. The thumbnail should be attractive and try to get close up rather than focusing on whole.

Title of the Video

Before uploading video on YouTube, your video already has a name that is set according to the keyword you have selected. It is not that specific name that you are going to deal with. It is the title of the video description that you need to select sensibly. Make sure that your selected keywords appear twice in the title. For example, Weight Loss control program by weight loss specialist. In this example, weight loss is the primary keyword that is repeated twice in the title.

If you are targeting various videos for similar keyword, you can simply add numbers at the end of title. The most popular video titles start with how to, tips, demonstration, tutorials and step by step instructions.

Effective and compelling title means that you can get better Click through rate. Make sure to click save changes after you have uploaded video and written all the description.


Write compelling description in the description box or simply copy and paste. Snippets will show in Google for first 150 characters out of 5000. Make sure that those words really count. It does not really matter whether you put primary keyword first or link to the website, blog, squeeze page or product link as long as both are present. It is necessary to paste the link that is clickable i.e. http:// must be present.

Add Keywords in Description 

It is good to add URL of your channel at the end of description along with your website. It tells the viewers about your channel and brings more traffic to the channel as well as website. YouTube and Google are looking for the high quality content but on the other hand make sure that you make use of secondary keywords while writing description. It is not compulsory to write full 5000 character description. The important thing is to write description with high volume of keywords. You can make the changes in description in future as well.

Add Table of Content in Description

If your video makes several points, adding table of content in the description can ease the viewers. You Tube will spontaneously make adjustment to the time marker in the link so that watchers can jump to that part of the video. This is really very helpful when it comes to teaching and making “how to” videos and for lengthy videos as well.

Adding Tags 

Tags are basically keywords that you use in YouTube video. Normally, 120 character tags are allowed with spaces. Each tag should not exceed 30 characters including space. Add your channel name in the tag which will allow YouTube to add your videos in related ones. You can also find hidden tags in Meta description by viewing page source of competitor’s video. Tags and long tail keywords can be inserted one at a time separated by comma with no space before and after comma. Each tag will be placed in separate box.

Privacy Settings

After you click on edit link, make sure to check the privacy settings to be changed to private. If you have not done it yet, make sure to get it done immediately before uploading video stops. Remember not to change the privacy settings to public without entering the description, title, tags and other essentials of video. If you do so, it will create lot of confusion for the bots and Google bot will take time to read it again.

Selecting the Category 

Make sure to select the right category for which you are uploading the video. This is the most important part and essential for SEO strategy. You want the video in front of millions of people who may have interest in your product. If you have not chosen the right category, your video might not get that much response that you might expect. There are numerous options when it comes to selecting the category of video. Choose the most appropriate one and upload it.

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