Sales Follow Up Email – The concept and the purposes it serves

Represented by the top-end and the bottom-end of the sales funnel, the steps involved in conversion of a prospect to a buyer, run through several stages. It is between these steps that the prospects get to know about the concept for the first time, feels an interest to avail the product or the service, decides upon buying the service and then eventually comes the stage while the prospects gets converted to a buyer. It implies that the sales process may not be a cakewalk always and often it gets to see that the span for this period even stretches for few months. Also it becomes evident that a part of the prospects, tough initially feels to avail the product and/or the services, eventually changes their minds. Now this change of mind can be for several reasons like the budget of the concerned is not matching to the pricing for the product or may be the person had got a better solution elsewhere. Thus, it turns inevitable that the marketers need to stay connected with the prospective buyers closely so that the thinking and the actions of the buyers.  Sales follow up email enables the seller to stay connected to the prospects till he is converted to an actual buyer.


The concept

Sales follow up email are the exchanges between a marketer and the prospective buyers with an objective to strengthen the relationship between the two. Once the prospects receives the initial communication from the seller about the product and/or the services, in case those stuffs offers utility or is found to be appealing, the prospective buyers would reply to the email asking for more details. At this point, the Sales follow up email can do a wonderful job to resolve his queries and drag the prospect to purchase the product upfront.

On the other hand, even the seller can initiate the Sales follow up email from his or her end. Once the initial emails are forwarded to the prospects and they show some interest to avail the product, the marketers usually used to send the Sales follow up email so that more exchanges of thought happen between the two, the seller earns the confidence of the buyer and eventually the buyer gets pushed to purchase the product and/or the service upfront.

Email Broadcasting

Email broadcasting is one of the most frequently endeavored techniques in Sales follow up email. If you go as per the literal meaning of the term “broadcasting”, it has its reference to the methodologies of transmitting information over to large scale recipients. Within the scope of Sales follow up email, the term has similar reference. Email broadcasting, in the functions of Sales follow up email refers to the email triggered to all the people in the list or these mails are targeted to the emails of the prospects who had opted to know further about the product and/or the services or the marketer.

From the description put above, what it comes out is that the broadcast emails are triggered with the objective to consolidate the relationship with the prospects so that the customer can be made happier and convinced for purchasing the product and/or the service upfront. It gets to seen that the Sales follow up email plays an instrumental role to pace up the sales process apart from raising its volume.

Broadcast email types


Promotional emails

Sales follow up email of this category basically carries information on special offers. These emails are triggered to a portion within the list who had expressed the initial interest to avail the product and/or the service and is presently running through the decision making phase as described in the sales funnel. Promotional sales follow up email tries to raise the excitement about the product or the services through the offering of special deals, discount schemes; free gifts etc and are purely short term offers. The perfect time to send the promotional sales follows up email should ideally be sent while the marketers are offering some special deals for limited time.



This form of sales follow up email are triggered as per a fixed schedule and it attempts to convey more of a holistic information about the company and the events happening with it in between the span of two newsletter schedules. Newsletters are sent to the entire list and mostly to the subscribers who had subscribed for the receipt of such information. It implies that the newsletters are sales follow up email that is sent to the section of the customers with whom the relationship of the marketer had already consolidated to some extent.



The digests are the synopsis of the contents that are forwarded to the prospects as sales follow up emails. This synopsis describes the key points of a topic in limited words and highlights the points that would make the reader more interested with the brand or the marketer. Normally, the marketers send the digests as the Sales follow up email, while they are a part of a content or information network and have loads of information and contents that can be shared for promoting the business.


The contents for the sales follow up email

The style, spirit and the theme of the Sales follow up email holds critical importance. The Sales follow up email, tough sent with the objective to push the prospects to buy upfront, the apparent approach has to be on expressing interest and showing values to the prospects. Thus, the marketing experts suggest that the Sales follow up email should never give the hardcore sales talk and it would be better it the style of the email is given more of a transaction or communicative tone.

Aweber review uphold that the marketers had been greatly benefited using the templates on Sales follow up email that the party offers. The Sales follow up email from this organization complies with the ideal code of conduct in this regard and thus the marketers largely depends on these templates to trigger the best of class  Sales follow up email.


The sales process fro the initial prospecting till the conversion to actual sales goes through several stages that spans for substantial stretch of time. Sales follow up email can earn the seller the confidence of the buyer and push the buyers to avail the product and the services upfront.