Sales Funnel Definition – The stages involved in the sales process

The sales process covers up several sub stages before to generate an actual sale. This is through these phases that the relationship between the buyer and the sellers goes through and eventually there comes the stage wherein the prospects gets converted to the buyer, ready to  put money on the products and services. These stages are known as sales funnel.

Definition of sales funnel

Sales funnel definition can be put like these are the steps, represented as a physical funnel through which the prospects trickles down to become a buyer. The sales funnel is represented with the prospects lying to the top-end of the funnel and to its other end lies the actual buyers. In between the two ends there are phases wherein the prospects get to know about the product, expresses their interest to avail it, does some mapping of the utility that the product can serve, decides that the product is really needed for them and ultimately a stage is reached when the prospects come up to buy the said product. If you are an email marketer you would definitely wonder how to buy traffic to your website.

Sales funnel definition, however, never stops at this stage. Once the buyers get their first hands-on experience in using the product, once again they would map the product in terms of the extent that it matched their expectations and if the product matches and surpasses the level of expectations, the buyers would move forward for the repeat purchase. Thus, it can be said that the Sales funnel definition, thus, is not limited to its scope but it actually flows through an ongoing cyclic process which is called the product life cycle.

The sales funnel for email marketing

Email marketing is the methodology that gets attempted the most in concurrent business world. The sales funnel definition guides the marketers through a definite course of actions. Points that come up in the classic Sales funnel definition can matched with the email marketing process in a very interesting way.  The process starts with the list building activities that collates the email address of the prospects that can be sent with the emails to notify them about the existence and availability of the product.  Subsequently, the marketer put efforts to drag traffic to its sites. The Sales funnel definition, in the context of email marketing, prompts the techniques like solo ads and other similar methodologies to drag more of traffic to the website or the advertisement of the marketers.

Going in line with the Sales funnel definition, comes a stage herein where the email marketers feel the necessities of tools like a sound platform for their marketing programs and the development of landing pages that can convert the prospects to the buyers at high rates and at fast pace. At this point of time, the marketer needs to ask himself whether if his campaigns are getting review from the previous buyers.

The Sales funnel definition in co-relation to the perspective of the email marketing endeavors highlights the need of the auto responders. These are applications that automate the reply to the inbound emails and serves arrays of secondary functions to facilitate the interest of the email marketers. It is important to consider the number of leads that the marketers are able to add to their list daily and also need to ask themselves as how they can replenish their list?

The scope within the perspective of Sales funnels definition states that the conversion of the prospects to the buyers takes a span of time, during which, the sellers require keeping in touch with the prospects. This is where the sales follow up email serves the purpose of the marketers. These emails improve the relationship between the buyer and the seller and eventually they come up to a level of reliance and mutual trust to go ahead with the transfer of the ownership of the goods and/or the services. It is important that the sellers determine when they can send out email-swipes?

The process flow through the sales funnel of email marketing and techniques undertaken by the marketers through those stages

The Sales funnel definition for email marketing puts forward that the entire stretch of the process passes through various stages. Thus, there are chances that with time lag a substantial count of the prospects, even if they feel to be initially interested upon the product, tends to move away from their initial intentions. Thus, the Sales funnel definition point out the necessities of appropriate techniques that would check the diversion of the prospects and eventually can speed up the conversation time and rate. It is important that before employing the tools, the marketers ask the service provider that what percentage of Tier1 countries like UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand and Canada can be reached out through the tool.

The Sales funnel definition highlights the necessities of a performing squeeze page. As becomes evident from the name itself, this page would squeeze the prospects through the sales funnel so that the prospects are ultimately converted to the actual buyers.

Next, within the scope of the Sales funnel definition comes up the “Thank You” page, alternatively knows as the “download page”. This page enables the prospects to get into some actions that revolve around the product or the service. This page upholds some critical information about the marketers and his product & service. These presentations raise the interest of the prospects further and eventually it gets to see that the major count of the prospects are getting converted to the actual buyers and within the least of time frame.

Various options of emails that the marketers can employ to promote their products and services

The Sales funnel definition points out that the markets have arrays of email options that they can employ depending upon their needs. As per the Sales funnel definition, the email marketers can shoot emails that not only intend to promote the sales but on a holistic approach, it attempts to improve and consolidate the relationship between the buyers and the sellers.

 Sales funnel definition gives a perfect shape and structure to the process that stretches between the time of intimating the prospects for the first time to the moment the prospects are actually buying the products and/or services. Adhering to the guidance as comes up from the Sales funnel definition, the marketers get the ideal approach that can enable them to maximize the volume of their sales. It is a well accepted fact that if the marketing process are streamlined and it is directed through the ideal course, the marketers can also downsize their business expenses and eventually scale up their business profits.


Adhering to the guidance as comes up from the Sales funnel definition, the marketers get the ideal approach that can enable them to maximize the volume of their sales. The streamlining of the marketing functions reduce the operative expenses that assists the marketers to earn higher profits