Thank You Page- The Climax Scene to the Play

The Thank you page is the point of transit wherein the prospects are converted to the actual sales. Thus, the marketer needs to give due importance to the page. In concurrent time, there are several innovative measures undertaken to optimize the thank you page that aims to make the product all the more enticing. Marketers can even get into some OTO schemes and cross selling offers at the tank you page

The confirmation page or the page of “Thank You” happens to be one of those pages that are mostly overlooked, yet invaluable. The Thank you page gets noticed rarely, never expected to drive traffic and thus the webmasters seldom makes the effort to keep the page updated. It seems it is the page the existence of which often slips from the mind of the marketer. This is where a major mistake gets committed. Thank You page is the point of climax in the play of online marketing and thus the ideal online marketing practices suggests that the marketer should give the page the due attention.

Traffic that visit the Thank You Page are closest to actual sales

Amidst the flock that refrains from getting to the Thank you page, you are ought to give importance to those minimal numbers who actually reaches to the confirmation page. It had been get to see that the prospects who navigate till the Thank You page are the prospects that have the closest chance to get converted to an actual sell and thus the flock can be considered as the group who would be actually contributing to the revenues. In majority of the cases, the last page is not given the regards it deserves and as such it is the marketer himself who is actually restricting the chances of conversion.

Of let, understanding the importance and specialties of the customers who navigates till the thank you page, that modern business practices had conceive the idea of optimizing the page so that the prospects can be made more interest to avail the goods and /or the services and if the measures falls in the right course, the rate of conversion is ought to improve by significant margins. Thus, the concept holds a position of critical importance in the model of marketing funnel

Thank you page optimization

The term optimization refers to those efforts and endeavors that are directed to take the performance or the outcome at the optimum level. The thank you page is the point of conversion of a prospect to an actual buyer. Thus, it contemporary times, the online marketers adapts to various innovative practices that aims to make the product more appealing to the prospects. The prospects that navigate till the Thank you Page had almost decided that they are going to avail the product or the service. Thank you page optimization would ensure that no prospects are lost from this level and it actually entices the prospects more so that they take the least of the time for materializing the purchase plan.

The ideal code of conduct for optimizing the Thank you page

1. Say Thanks!

You had made the prospect to do substantial working like filling some forms that are perfectly daunting tasks. Thus, the visitor would be anxious to know that whether he/she did the things right. Take up the opportunity to assure him/her that the things were done perfectly and it gave pleasure to you. A sincere thanks here, would win you the confidence and happiness of the prospect that would take him/her closest to the actual sale. After all, you call it a “Thank You page”

2. Set expectations properly and always exceed them

You should tell the visitor about the next course of actions. Never ever dare to venture for surprising the customer as it can ruin you business severely. As such, it would be always better to state that “Thank You Page” about the actions you would undertake subsequently and ensure that you keep the commitment.

3. Let the prospect to come forward

Aside setting some expectations for the prospects, you can encourage them to come forward. You can set some easy actions at the thank you page that the prospects can undertake to take a step forward themselves to complete the conversion.

4. Tell something more about your business and key people

At the times of conversion, the prospects are in a mindset to know more about your business. This is because they would like to know about your worthiness. Therefore, you can make the thank you page the slot to give confidence to the prospects that the yare doing the perfect thing by relying on your products ad services. Take up the opportunity to tell something more about your business and the key office bearers.

The prospect had navigated through all the pages to reach to the thank you page, had done the course of actions as you would like them to do and now he is just a step further to get converted to an actual sale. It implies that you had almost won the customer and a relationship had developed in between till the time. Therefore, rather those just conveying messages at the thank you page, you can definitely try for measures that will strengthen the relationship with the visitor and eventually, you drive more revenues from the sales.

Offer some lucrative and one-time-offer at the Thank You page

The purpose of the tank you page would be to raise the enthusiasm in the mind of the prospects, which are still a step beyond the actual conversion. Though just a single step, there still chances that the customer decides to walk back or might hang on for some time before actually purchasing the product or service. Offer them with a special scheme that would help you to win the conversion fast. Normally offers like discounts and concession on the first purchase, free gifts or other allied schemes can be offered in these junctions.

Try to cross sell

The thank you page is the point where the traffic would exit the interface and as such it is the last chance for you to attempt on maximizing the revenues. Come up with cross selling attempts that would not only get you some extra sales but would make the customer more impressed and loyal to your brand. However, ensure that you offer something that matches with their taste and the qualitative aspects of the product need to be some thing better than the best.

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