The Advantages of Advertising on Facebook

Facebook is one of the social networking sites all over the world that has gained enormous reach with more than a billion registered users. Majority of users see Facebook as means for communication and connecting with friends. But for some who are planning to succeed on business, the site is worth the money and publicity they will earn. I am talking about advertisements.

Why Facebook? It is not merely the reach it has earned, but of the opportunity of choosing your audience when you advertise. They are your target group. Basic information, interests, and the network of friends are important for advertisers. Facebook says they reach an average of 89% of its intended audience compared to other online advertising sites. With this site lies advantages that will help you achieve your business goals.

Your business goals change as time goes by. The success of it is determined by how you define your priorities. The choices are many, but keep in mind that you will be paying for them. So make the best one.

Create a Page. If you want people to find you through the search engine, create a Page for your business. Make sure to share it in your Profile. Become your own spokesperson. Through it, people will know how your business works, and how it will help them. Invite your friends and encourage current customers to like it. Inform them about the nature of your Page so they can show their support by clicking the Like button. And since they have network of friends, other users see what Pages they have liked. People will be asking them about it, and they will help you establish your credibility.

Stay connected with your potential customers in your Page. Keep them informed through posts, or one-on-one conversation through chat, and check on it regularly. Leave messages and posts that cater to their needs. You will find new customers who will love whatever you have in store. The more satisfied the customers, the more referrals you get, and the cycle goes on. You will be surprised that your Page has reached large groups of people.

Make your business come alive. Always keep in mind: Do not just post updates or photos randomly. It is important that you put your customers’ interests first, and provide services that will help them.

Several questions arise, such as:

• How will you talk to them?

• Do they want you to post photos of the product or service? Or would they want you to share information about it?

• How will you make your posts become successful promotions?

Here are some tips:

• Be sincere. Sincerity earns trust, and you need your customers to trust you.

• Be responsive to their concerns and queries.

• Consistency is the key. Check on your Page regularly so you can attend to the needs of your customers.

• Promote your posts to reach more people. The more people liking, commenting, and sharing your posts, the better the promotion.

Increase your Online Sales. Find new customers and strengthen connections with people who will buy your products. Maximize the potential of success by including the web address of your Page on business cards and to other networking sites. Or simply invite your business contacts so they will know about your Page.

Building Awareness. Through advertising, you get the chance to introduce yourself and add emphasis to what you can offer and how you stand up among others. You will make an impression that serves as basis why people choose your products over others.

To sum it all up, there are many advantages to Facebook advertisements… and countless ways to do them. If you are planning a business or if you already have one, what are you waiting for? Log in or join Facebook as early as today or you will never know what you are missing.

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