The Importance of a Good Editor

Authors often overlook the importance of good editing. It is overwhelming to have many options intended for polishing, publishing, and marketing their books. I agree with the statement on one of the bloggers that says a good cover and a catchy title will catch the attention of readers. But, it is not the cover nor the title that will keep your readers… it is the element inside those pages.

Be cautious not to make the same mistakes as other authors have committed. The belief that they may have the expertise along with their skills has led them elsewhere. A book filled with errors and inconsistencies will make readers doubt your credibility. Remember, an error-free book closes the sale.

Some even proudly say they have already edited their material. But editing is for editors, which is likely someone else. What they may have done is a draft, or a revision of the original one.

So what is an Editor?

It is someone who takes your work, reads through the material thoroughly, works on it, tears it all apart, and molds it into perfection. Just by reading it, they take utmost care about the elements of your work. What they do is professional editing. By definition, being a professional is offering services for a fee.

How much do I need to pay an Editor?

You will need to spend around $50 to $200 per book, depending on the complexities that it has and the condition of the material. But the money you will spend on editors is worth all the efforts they do, to ensure that your book is clear and concise.

Look at it as an investment in your career. We all understand that great opportunities require investments, right? What is much to reap when we had only a little to sow?

Will my material be as good as I have made it?

Your book will not be as good as it was, it will be better, technically. Writers are concerned that since editors get to work on their materials, they no longer feel that they own their books. Editors only make your work more polished.

I thought I was a writer with the necessary abilities… Why does the idea of an editor make my confidence drop?

Editors just improve upon what you have written. Many mistakes are missed by writers who edit their own work. Editors see you as subordinates but equals, so there’s no need to feel threatened by one. It is a collaborative relationship that takes place in the self-publishing process.

If Editors give clarity to my works, what is there left for me?

You still own everything. You don’t even need to give credit to your editor. You are the writer. Like the soul to the body. Editors are technical writers. They improve sentence structure, punctuation, grammar, flow but not all of them are storytellers like you.

You will learn along the process by having your material edited. We take errors as room for improvement. And the good practices the editor tries to teach you will pay off, little by little. You may not notice it then until you become a better version of yourself as a writer.

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