The Right And Wrong Way To Send Promotional Emails To Your List Subscribers

Sending promotional emails to the people on your list is all about you offering them the chance to get something of great value from you. In order for them to purchase anything you have to sell you have to have paid a price upfront. What is this price?


  • You must have offered high value information for free in order to show people you’re serious about helping them. The value you offer for free should be good, really good. Why you ask? Well if it’s good and it’s free, then imagine what they could expect in the information you were going to charge for.
  • You must have built a good level of trust with the people on your list. What does this mean? It means they have to believe you aren’t just a marketer. There are so many people just trying to get subscribers, what is it that makes you different from this. Building trust means building credibility.
  • You must have waited a certain period of time before you start sending promotional emails. Not only this, but even once you start sending them you have to be somewhat light with how you go about it. If you go too hard in the beginning then this might be enough to get people to ubsubscribe.



There are only a few simple things you really have to remember when it comes to sending promotional emails to the people on your list. If you remember these things you should have a good chance of getting a nice amount of sales.


  • Don’t make it seem like the whole purpose of the email is to sell something. Start light and lead up to the promotion in a light way.
  • Try to provide value in the email and use a signature link at the end. This could be a good way to get some sales without being too overt.
  • If you’re going to be really promotional try to explain how the product you’re selling is going to help solve their problem even better than what you’ve already provided for free.


You have to understand that if the free content you send to the people on your email list does what it’s supposed to do, then people will almost feel obligated to purchase what you’re selling. It would be a way to return the favor of what you’ve provided them. If you give value you get value in return. If you don’t give value or the value you give is not good, then you can’t expect much.


One more thing. When you send promotional emails you want to do all you can to promote your own products. Down the road you can try your hand at affiliate products once you’ve built up more trust with your list. In the next article we’re going to talk about how you should structure your emails in order to give them the best chance of getting read. This is going to prove useful.


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