Commonly, the use of enhancements is very rare. You may like to upload a test video to find out its features. This is useful if you are combining different video snippets together to develop different effects. You can make use of the center line present in the video. It will enable you to view your changes in a preview pane. You can compare the results with the original post in this way.


If you do not prefer the background audio or voiceover, you can make use of this feature to remove it from the video and use a music that is included in YouTube.


The annotations may not help in SEO of your video. They specifically help the viewer’s interaction with the video. That can improve the traffic visiting your video that is directed towards your site or product.

You can also add speech bubbles and notes with entertaining or amusing comments to develop a mem like video. Viewers will appreciate them specifically, if you add voiceover comments with the video.

You can also develop clickable annotations that allow the viewers to do more than just watching the video. They can interact with the video in this way. You can ask them to appreciate your video or write comments. They must be reminded that they need to be signed into their G+ account to write comments. You can also request them to click on the link provided in your video description.

Step 1

The first step in annotations consists of searching the video in which you want to add them. Then you can click on the Annotations tab.

Text bubble:

Make a click on annotations tab.

Step 2

Play the video to the point where you would like to include your annotation. Then you can click on add annotations. You can double click on your selection. After that you can drag it to the place where you want it. It can be made bigger or smaller according to your wishes. You can then add the information, for example, a quick to respond text, into the right place.

Make a click on the small “link” that is beneath the start and end time boxes. One more dropdown menu will be visible. You can then include your chosen link. When you have included the link, you can click on “open link in a new window” and then save and publish your video.

Text bubbles:

Make a click on your selection.

Drag the notation box to the place where you want it.

Insert the required information in the box.

You must ensure that the start and end times are accurate.

Select the link button then paste the link in the box given below to make the annotation clickable.


Over the period of time the Google has been able to transform your voice-over to captions (that is not always very accurate though). It is necessary that your keywords are spread abundantly throughout the video. Something that is very essential about using captions is that it permits the deaf people or people with hearing impairments to know what is happening in the videos.

YouTube also converts the text of the captions to text in other languages. That means non-native English speakers watching the video will be able to understand what is happening in the video by YouTube’s text translation feature. People with impaired hearing and people who are non-native English speakers make up a large number of visitors who are viewing your video. They can be your potential buyers. If you are not getting benefit from this market segment then you are not making complete profits.

Step 1

In this scenario the “cc” logo (as mentioned in the image above) does not represent creative commons. That leads to confusion in some people. If you do have voiceover added to your video, YouTube will automatically record it into the captions that you will be required to edit.

Step 2

At this step, you can choose to include your personalized captions or edit the ones that you have created.

Step 3

Play your video throughout its duration. You can read each line when the video is running. You can stop the video when there is an error. Then you can click on the certain line to correct it.

TIP: If you have provided a url in voiceover then add an actually clickable link for it. Make sure that you add a link like: http://www….

Text bubble

You can edit by clicking on the right line. Then you can correct or add what is missing.

Step 4

Like mentioned in step 2 you can decide to include your own captions. This is particularly helpful if your video doesn’t consist of a voiceover. You must keep in mind that the captions are indexed by Google. Therefore, you should add numerous related keywords and clickable links.

Text bubble:

You can decide to add your personalized captions rather than selecting the automated transcriptions

Step 5

This approach is very simple to use. By copying and pasting your own transcript, you can specify what you need to index in Google. In this way you have better control on the index. You do not need to apply the exact words as mentioned in the voiceover, assuming you have developed one. What is not recommended is the use of too many words that the YouTube has difficulty in synchronizing with the complete streaming of video. At the end you should not forget to make a click on the “Sync” button to complete the transcription process.

Text bubble

When applying the transcribe and sync feature, you can simply copy and paste your pre-written transcription in this place.

Step 6

This is most difficult of the three methods that can be used to edit your captions. Therefore, it is not recommended because it requires more data than a simple text file. If you want to make use of this method then you should go to the Caption Software and Services page of YouTube for more detailed information.

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