What Are The Core Components Of A Good Follow Up And Promotional Email?

In order for you to be successful with list building and turning your subscribers into paying customers, you really must have a game plan. You need a plan of attack, something that’s going to allow you to have the best chance of earning from your list. Listed below are the core components of a good follow up and promotional email in order to help you on your way.


Create powerful subject lines for your emails


When people look through their emails they are going to scan the list of messages they have quickly. In order for your emails to have any chance of getting opened you must create a subject line that’s going to stand out and make them notice it. This is easier said than done, but this one skill can really help you to earn alot of money down the road. You should be focusing most of your attention of this.


Email content needs to keep readers engaged or interested


There’s so much content on the internet. Some of it’s good and some of it is bad. You’re in competition with all the content your list subscribers could be reading. With this being the case you have to be able to engage readers when they do open your emails. Don’t just put anything out there for them to look at. Use these emails as a chance to show off what they can expect from you down the road.


Have good calls to action at the end of promotional emails


In order for a promotional email to be effective you have to always focus on this one question, “what do I want my readers to do”? If you do this right then it will be clear to your subscribers what actions to take once they finish reading a promotional email from you. You also want to make sure you make things as easy as possible. There should be no hoops to jump through in order for people to purchase something from you.


Have only one main purpose with your email as far as what you want people to do at the end


Your emails can’t be all over the place when you send them if they are of a promotional nature. You need to have one clear goal and you need to focus on this fully. Having different goals with your promotional emails will only confuse a reader and it will lead to them not taking any action at all. This isn’t what you want. Keep one clear goal in mind with your promotional emails and this will help to keep your subscribers focused.


One last thing you need to do when you send promotional emails or follow ups is create a sense of urgency. In some follow ups this won’t be needed, but in promotional emails this should always be a part of the main strategy. You want people to believe they have only a limited time to take action on something.


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