What is Cross Selling – The Concept, Benefits and the Threats

Cross selling is the technique of selling some additional products or services to buyers alongside their primary purchase. It is a technique to drive more revenues from the sales process. However, the seller needs to ensure that the product or service cross sold meets the expectation of the buyers else, there lies a threat to break up the relationship between the buyer and the seller.

The prime objective that runs the business is to maximize the profits. The first step towards the optimization of profits requires the maximization of the sales revenues. Business houses endeavors various kinds of techniques of which the process of cross selling is one of the most widely practiced approach. Thus, it is obvious that you would like to know as what is cross selling.

What is cross selling?

To answer the question of what is cross selling; it can be put like it is the practice or action to sell additional products and/or services to the existing customers. The practical answer as what is cross selling, the business domain offers manifold answers. Factors like scale of business operations, the industrial sector that the business house falls to and the fiscal motivation that might apply for describing the term.

Why the sellers embrace the concept?

As you try to understand what is cross selling, it is equally important that put time to analyze the objectives that makes the business houses to get into the adaption of the technique. The primary objective of the business for getting into the adaption of the cross sell techniques is to make the sales process generate higher revenues. The adaption of the cross selling technique serves another benefit to the business houses. As the business is not required to develop the sales potential, whatever may be the extra margin it adds to the sales revenue, entire amount of the proceed would get to the book profits. Thus, the most practical answer to the question of what is cross selling,

needs to be put in the words like it is not merely a scope of a selling some additional stuffs but practically as a chance that fetches chances of additional profit.

The point of alarm

Once the perspective of what is cross selling is discussed and the advantages in it had been discussed, it makes sense if a hint is given to the risk factor involved with the cross selling attempts. As the customers are already existing buyers of the products and services, the slightest of dissatisfaction on the product cross sold, will surely puncture the relationship between the buyers and the sellers. You should try to cross sell only after you know what is up selling and you are able to check the mixing of the two.

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