What You Should Be Doing When You Leave Signature Links In Your Emails To List Subscribers

Leaving signature links in your emails to your list subscribers is the best way for you to promote to them, but at the same time not be too aggressive about it. When some people leave signature links they go overboard. They make the text too big or too bold. They might have way too much to say in the link. Maybe the signature link is offputting to an extent. All of this will impact it getting clicked on. Your signature link should be something that gets a message across, but not too agressively.


What we want to focus on in this piece is is what you should be doing with those signature links. In order to truly monetize your list you must be using your signature links the right way. What does this mean? Well for starters you should do your best to sell mostly your own products in them. Why is this you ask?


  • You work hard to build trust and credibility with your list. Sure, this means that people would be more willing to trust what you recommend them but you don’t want to go down this road too soon. Every time you recommend someone elses product you take a big risk of people not liking it. This means that in the future they would be less likely to purchase a product you recommended. If you were going to sell affiliate products through your signature links, then they have to be carefully reviewed by you first.
  • Selling your own product allows you to deal with negative feedback better in order to keep list subscribers happy. When people have a complain or even a question about something you’re promoting in your signature link, you can answer it much more expertly. You would want to answer questions directly, because you want them to know you’re a real person and not just an autoresponder. This is a good way to retain people on your list.
  • When you sell your own products through your signature links you build a real business. You never know what’s going to happen with other peoples products that might effect your image. Does this mean you can’t sell affiliate products through your signature link? The answer is of course it doesn’t. What you have to do is cherry pick what you would promote though and only do it to a minimum. Also if you promote other peoples stuff try to go for recurring subscription based prodcuts. These pay you month in and month out.


Every email you send to the people on your list should have a signature link in it. You always want the chance to make a sale, even when you’re not blatantly promoting anything. You have some people who just might be curious. Plus it gives people the chance to share your link if they like what they get. In the next article we’re going to talk about how to keep your email list subscribers coming back for more again and again. You won’t want to miss this.


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