Why You Need a Strong Social Media Presence

In the business of marketing your products and services, a strong social media presence is a necessity. Whatever you do in your promotions and campaigns for your books, if without a vast audience who are potential customers, all the efforts you exerted will be put to waste.

There is no denying that Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter are examples of the most popular social networking sites. The success of achieving your business goals is a possibility.

BUYING LIKEs and follows and Sponsored promotions

We often think that the more likes or followers we gain, the greater the chance of success there is for us. There are sites that offer services to run a social campaign in your behalf.

The question is. “Are they going to buy my products or boost my sales for real?” No. You are not guaranteed by the amount of likes you gain if you can’t make them engaged. Bought Likes will not improve your conversion numbers.

“They were useless numbers. Good only for aesthetic purposes during times when you want to fool yourself into thinking that you had a lot of followers.” – Eeva Lancaster

Another way to gain publicity on Facebook is through sponsored promotions, which I had an experience. Our group created a Page for a retail shop and made use Facebook to run sponsored promotions for Php200/day. It went well for a week, but that did not help increase the sales we have made.


  • It encourages sharing.

Google+ has resources like Hangouts, Google, Gmail, and YouTube, created to optimize your marketing strategy and take you towards achieving your business goals. It also allows you to share media and links to your business website on your profile.

Facebook and Twitter allows you to engage with your audience like Google+. Although Google+ and Facebook allows more personal interaction than Twitter.

  • They help build awareness on the nature of your business

You can have a dialogue with your customers and engage with them as you share the nature of your business along with its intentions and how it will help them. You can better solidify your promotion through sharing of information about the products and services you have.

Through this, people will refer you to their friends and others that may need your services.

  • Customer Reviews

Many customers look for feedback from other customers before they buy or patronize whatever you’re selling. They read online reviews of past customers before purchasing a product. This is a vital element in your business and social media presence.

Whether the review is good or bad, it helps your product get noticed. Get feedback from customers and engage them by encouraging them to try it and leave comments on their experience.

Technology has opened the door to the world. We can now reach the farthest ends of the world and offer our services. Enrich your social media presence and earn people’s trust and you’ll find that it will improve your sales too.

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