Why YouTube is Important?

There are number of platforms to advertise your business and with the revolution in technology and use of internet, video marketing is the widely used by marketers. When it comes to video marketing, there is none better than YouTube. It is one of the most popular platforms for uploading videos, sharing and commenting on it.

Most of the internet marketers and website owners get huge amount of traffic through YouTube. By adding links to the website, you can easily bring anyone to your site, landing page or squeeze page. The purpose of video uploading on YouTube is now not limited to having fun but is also heavily used for business promotion and advertising. If you are having a business website, online store or any blog that you would like to promote, try YouTube.

It is necessary to have an account on YouTube in order to upload your videos. For this purpose, you need to have an account on Google. The creation of account does not need any technical knowledge; you just have to follow simple instructions which you can find by “clicking here”.

In this guide, you will find how to setup your YouTube channel and get it found on search. Finding the appropriate keywords and wisely using them in description can mean a lot to your business. Here are some of the steps involved in order to setup a YouTube channel.

How to setup your YouTube channel

All the pieces of information that you will now be incorporating to your YouTube channel will be very important. It is not only about telling your potential viewers about the channel that you have launched. It is also an essential part of your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Most commonly your channel is one of the websites that you have created. It may be inside YouTube and you need to treat like a website. According to Google and YouTube you are required to update your website constantly with unique content like information and videos. You must upload content rich information on the websites. That can be done once per week.


If because of any reason you have signed out of your Google Account, you should load YouTube.com in your browser to sign in. After signing in you can create a new channel.


In case you are signed in to Google, you will be directed to the following pages when you click on the YouTube sign in button.

You must use the original email address and password that you had used when you created your Google Account.

Message in the bubble:

Login to the YouTube using your Google account email address and password.


After logging in for the first time, you will be directed to a page where you might be required to click on different categories so that you can get started. I simply click on the next button. Although it is very beneficial to look at the category you are working for so that you may able to see the noteworthy competitors you competing against.


One more time suggestions are given to you. This time they are for certain channel. I most usually un-tick these. When I have to subscribe the channels, I prefer to select those channels that are linked to the website but they are not competitive.


This step may take place now or it may take place a little bit later. You do need to know when it occurs.

YouTube will send your request for verification of your account on different occasions. To setup up your account properly you need to decide that whether you would like to receive alerts by the text message or voice call. You should now enter your telephone/mobile number and click on the “send verification code” button. Then you need to enter the verification code that you are sent.


This is another event that can occur. After you click on the button above, you may be told to enter the captcha. You should not be amazed or puzzled if this happens.


Now you have reached the step where you can enter your Channel Name. Up till this stage your email address will be appearing as your channel name. You surely do not require this.

You must now make up your mind whether you want to apply with your own name (that can be a terrific idea if you are trying to brand yourself) or you want to apply with a generic Niche name.

If you are thinking of using your channel to market a certain group of products, then you must use the function of those products to name your channel. For example, “YWS Reviews” or “Best Sports Supplies”. On the contrary, if you are developing a channel for an off-line business, you will be required to use the company name.

Text in bubble:

You are given two choices. You must either use your own name or generic name associated to the niche.


If you select a business or other name, you will be directed to another page, where you can change the name of your channel according to your wishes. Previously, you could only utilize twenty characters to write the name of your channel. Now the terms have changed. The character limit for adding name has doubled than before.


Congratulations, you have done it! You are now the owner of a new YouTube Channel. It is now time to move on to next segment so that you can make your channel appear terrific and optimize it for the Search Engines.


More precisely this is one of the special notes. Whenever you login to YouTube you are presented with following query at different times. It is absolutely normal. Therefore, you must not let this discourage you in any way.

Just select the name you want to associate yourself with specific channel and then you should click on the “OK” button.

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